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Made my first sale ! yipppe! payment recieved?

(GingerberryCrafts) #1

Payment has not come through to my PayPal account… the order says it has been paid for, and i have had to relist the item…so it certainly thinks it has been paid for…?

what have I done wrong…?

I’ve been selling successfully on Ebay and Etsy for months, and never had an issue…so i am guessing i have done something wrong when i set up the account?

any advice?

Happy Easter folks!

PS - I have emailed the customer for them to check their PayPal :slight_smile:

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

Im not sure youve done anything wrong.
Just dont send the item out until you have received payment.

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(Liz Clark) #3

I found this on the Folksy Uservoice which may help:

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(GingerberryCrafts) #4

thanks guys… I’ve told the customer i cannot send until payment is sorted… fingers crossed they respond :slight_smile: have a great day x

(Helen Smith) #5

If the order says it has been paid for, make sure you entered your paypal e-mail address correctly when you set up your Folksy account. The payment may be somewhere in limbo…

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(GingerberryCrafts) #6

d’oh - just realised, thanks to the customer coming back to me…that my paypal address was wrong!

for about 5 years this poor guy has been getting emails from me… and now bonus for him - he has got some cash ! lol!!!

we are facebook friendds now due to the many email issues and same surname…so i will chase him up

thanks all for your responses…
and to all newbies - go check your paypal details are correct!

(I am now rather red-faced for making such a schoolboy error!)