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Maybe we should all concentrate on twitter to advertise our shops

(Pauline Hayward) #1

After reading this article on Facebook it makes me wonder if it’ll be worth spending more time on twitter promoting my folksy shop rather than Facebook. I don’t spend much time on there but things might change in the future.

(Bee Skelton) #2

It’s strange you should raise this point Pauline. And I’m very glad to hear about it. I personally do not enjoy using Facebook for too many reasons to go into. I’ve been on Twitter for years but haven’t really used it much until #FolksyHour started up each Tuesday as from a few weeks ago. It’s so much easier and quicker to use than Facebook and more direct. Now with the added advantage of the Google connection I shall definitely be building up my Twitter contacts and tweeting more regularly. You can find me on Twitter as @bsart.

(Stitchingarainbow) #3

I am fed up with fb, but I canot work out how twitter works… maybe I was on fb too much, I feel like being in a foreign country and not speaking their language…

(Pauline Hayward) #4

I’m the same, I just bumble around and hopefully people see me.

(Roz) #5

Twitter confounds me too - haven’t really got a clue what I’m doing but I did start tweeting a few weeks ago with various hashtags and found my views increased significantly. I’ve always felt I am pretty invisible on Facebook despite having nearly 2000 followers. I only really post new makes with links to my Folksy shop these days. I used to spend a lot of time promoting on various networking pages but never really felt I was getting anywhere so have given up with that. Must try and find a twitter for dummies guide somewhere.

(Pauline Hayward) #6

Just followed you. I’m @Paulinescrafts.

(Pauline Hayward) #7

It’s the hashtags I get confused with. I never know where to include them.

(Grimm Exhibition) #8

Ive added daily links to Twitter for a couple of years and Ive had 2 sales from it, so its not working for me. Im aware that people dont like the cold advertising way Twitter works but not really sure how else to do it.
Ive realised it doesnt work so Ive reduced my links and try to write about what Im making etc so I seem more human.

(Karen Ellam) #9

I haven’t had Facebook for long but I do find it hard to connect to people on there. I can see people are viewing from the counter info but not a lot happens :blush:

I do like Twitter. I do tend to waffle on sometimes so there’s never enough available characters which can sometimes frustrate. :wink:
I seem to get a lot more interaction on there though and Instagram.


(Louise Grace Jewellery) #10

I’m still learning how to use twitter too, I have to admit though there seems to be good guidelines of what to post and how often ect on there. I’ve been really careful about what I’m posting and slowly gaining more followers, sadly no extra shop views but I’m hoping that will come.
Facebook has become the land of the invisible, but I still use it like a blog almost and try to post about life and things I find that might be interesting.

(Joy Salt) #11

I use both. I have an automatic feed set up so everything I post on my Facebook page also goes to Twitter. Just have to remember that when I post on my Facebook page and then delete for one reason or another - as I have to then go to Twitter to delete the automated tweet.
If I remember I put hashtags into my Facebook post so it tags properly on Twitter
PS: Not a clue what I’m doing on Twitter really but every little helps :slight_smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #12

I detest both sites myself but post on both every time I add a new item or relist an item.
Twitter runs extremely slow on my laptop as well so drives me insane.

(Diane Keeble) #13

I have been trying to use twitter more but sometimes it just seems to be a list and no pictures. I don’t understand some of it - what is the point of favouriting tweets? When some people post a whole list of stuff one after another, I can’t be bothered to look at it all, it feels a bit like spamming. I would be grateful for any tips.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #14

I’ve no idea how to make images show up in twitter and wonder how others manage it.

I don’t engage much on their either simply because it’s like talking to the wind and you don’t get enough characters either.

(Grimm Exhibition) #15

Do any of you use Craftjuice? Its not as well known as Twitter or FB but it is meant for crafts.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #16

I do I use Craftjuice for every thing I list in my shop

(Bojanglies) #17

I use twitter mainly to rant. I put the occasional link up… one or two photos.
But mostly I rant about tv shows.
That seems to gain followers… It doesn’t make me sound entirely professional though!

(Samantha Stanley) #18

I don’t think Twitter is a great promotional tool. I have tons of followers but generally people follow on a “quid-pro-quo” basis, so it can be hard to connect with people who genuinely like your stuff.

Magazines and media seem to do well promoting on Twitter, but they seem to tweet around 20 times a day (or more if the Oscars/Brits are on) and include a stunning photograph with each tweet and a link to a magazine article. That is far too much work for me-I would end up doing nothing else and I did not go into crafting to become a publicist.

Given the limited number of characters allowed for a tweet if you do not have a link to a blog, tweets tend to be either spammy (I see a lot of these from other crafters) or do not promote links enough.

I have therefore stuck with FB-and some of my FB followers have investigated the new “shop now” button, which gets over the problem with the algorithm banning shop links.

Having said all that-Folksy Hour is a really good idea, because you don’t have to promote your link because the whole thing promotes shops on folksy, so you can be witty and informative without worrying that nobody will know where to buy your stuff.

Sam x

(Amberlilly) #19

I use twitter and have quite a few followers, but its not much use, and I hate Facebook too! In fact i hate most of social media. Lol!

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #20

I’m with you Amberlilly !!! I was on Tumblr but I really didn’t like it and it wasn’t getting me any views so closed my account. I’m sure some people are just on Twitter to follow and be followed. They have hardly any pins but thousands of followers and follow thousands… is there some point to doing this that I am missing ???