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Tell me about Twitter

(Emma Rogerson) #1

With Facebook reach being so tricky now I have been considering opening a twitter account. It all feels a bit alien to me though. The hash tags confuse me but think I am willing to give it a go!

However before I do, I would love to hear fellow Folksiers experience. Has it worked for you? How often do you tweet and how on earth do you start to get followers (unlike facebook I have no friends on twitter to give me a leg up!)

Thank you,

Emma x

(Pauline Hayward) #2

Hi Emma, I joined twitter about 4 months ago but unfortunately I don’t have a clue either how it works. I’m following quite a lot of people and have about 414 following me back. It hasn’t gained me any sales but I’m still hopefully.


(Yvette ) #3

Same here, a lot of things i do online are learning as i go along :smile: Haven’t had any sales but do get people following me who make or sell similar to me, and as i love heavy metal i have a few bands following me, my little bit to being with the famous :smiley:
If you want more followers i am happy to follow you, and i love sharing peoples items, my account is linked to my FB so that little bit of extra promo comes in handy.

(Jill Fairbairn) #4

I’ve just started on Twitter and I think it helps get a few more views in my shop, there’s an article in Mollie makes I think this month about it, but I think you can just pretty much pick it up as you go! Good luck with it x

(Shirley Woosey) #5

Arrrghhh! But lots of people love it! Just not me.

(Linda Wild) #6

I think I’m going to have to join, but I just keep putting it off…


(Martine Brumwell) #7

I’ve never been on Facebook but I’ve had a Twitter account for ages and I do seem to get more sales when I tweet. I can’t be sure that they come from Twitter but things always seem busier if I Tweet. Martine x

(Karen McPherson) #8

I love Twitter, i prefer it to facebook to be honest. I have over 2000 followers on my personal account and over 600 and rising on my Caledonian Charms one.

My name is Karen and i am a twitterholic lol

(Camilla) #9

We’ll be running a series of posts about how to use social media on the Folksy blog soon, including one called How to Tweet. So hopefully that will help give you some tips. In the meantime, there is an old post which might have some useful advice here.

The thing that helps me get my head around Twitter is to think of it like a conversation. Follow the people you think are interesting and whose tweets you would like to hear, and just talk to them. Try to be interesting, and be someone other people would want to follow, rather than just selling yourself or your work - you don’t want to spam people with self-promotion because that leads to lots of unfollows.

The hashtags are basically a way of finding things easily. For example, we use the hashtag #newonfolksy as a way people can share and see recent listings. So when you list something on Folksy it will give you the option to tweet it, and that’s the hashtag it will automatically use. That means when people search #newonfolksy on Twitter, they’ll see everything new! Or you can add it to your own tweets too, to make it show up in that stream.

I hope that helps you get started and feel a bit less scared!

(Nifty) #10

I totally agree with “don’t spam”, conversation is the way to go! I’ve had sales directly from twitter in the past, but it’s been as a result of chatting with people and getting them interested in me so they then go and check my stuff. I don’t think the never-ending “look at my stuff” tweets are as successful.

sometimes people try to get around that by posting “look at so-and-so’s stuff” instead (and then they return the compliment/spam)
I don’t think that works either.

ok, we’re there to promote, it’s got to be done - but try not to ONLY promote.

curiously, alexandr orlov tweeted me last week (yes, the meerkat from the adverts!), he of course was promoting compare the market. he sent me a free baby meerkat so that (he said) I can practise knitting the romper suit.

that, in turn, gave me an opportunity to post a photo of MY meerkats with HIS meerkat - which he favourited and has since been refavourited by others.

not sure what that does to help either of us but it was fun!

oh - and the other thing I would say is that there are always “follow me and I’ll follow you” threads. I’d suggest, instead, looking for YOUR target demographic. are they other folksy sellers? if not, why build up a base of following/followers who are all folksy sellers?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #11

I really don’t like twitter or facebook to me it’s all spam. But I guess I have to use both as best I can. I don’t like either’s set up ie the way it’s all laid out. I prefer a well laid out forum then a message board.

(Camilla) #12

Social networks can work really well as sales tools though. For Folksy as a whole, Facebook is our second-largest referrer after Google (this month it accounted for around 10% of visits and around 18% of revenue.) Pinterest comes in second and Twitter third.

When I first started making and selling my own work, Twitter had me breaking out in cold sweats, but once I got the hang of it, and thought of it as a way of talking to people, it made sense. I especially love the mundane tea-break tweets, but it’s also a great place for finding interesting things and people.

(Suzanne Francis) #13

I’ve just sign up and got a twitter account, but to be honest my strenght is in making not chatting, im not a great talker so I do find facebook and stuff quite difficult, it’s quite difficult to update everything regularly as well as making and photographing. I’ll see how it goes :neutral_face:

(Emma Rogerson) #14

Thanks for all the advice - I have one more question someone may be able to help. Do you have a personal and business account like FB or can I jump right in with clarkie designs ? !

(Nifty) #15

no, it’s not necessary to be separate - though you can if you want. some people have quite a few accounts!

(by John) #16

I prefer twitter to FB - much less complicated I think. Having said that I don’t use twitter to full effect either! Good luck …I’ll follow you if I can find you!


(Shirley Woosey) #17

Brilliant picture Heather!

(Helen Billingsley) #18

I much prefer twitter to facebook and I only have a business facebook page not a personal profile I cant be doing with it. I agree dont spam with twitter you need to be a bit creative with it. I find twitter much more engaging, it can be entertaining too. My only problem is I follow a few greyhound and dog rescues and of course they post pics of all those lovely pooches looking for homes its just so tempting, but I think we have enough on our plate with our mad lurcher already.
I have had commissions and orders via FB and twitter.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #19

Does anyone know how to post images on Twitter?

(Nifty) #20

it’s really easy now. when you write a tweet, there’s a pic button at the bottom left. just click it and do what it tells you