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Mobile phone notification when making a sale

Hi everyone, hope you all well.
Do you know if, when you make a sale, you get a sound notification on your phone, like some of the other webpages out there (LOL).
Do I have to do something in my setting to get this, or is it just an email notification?
Thanks for your feedback
Emily x

Hi Emily,

You just get an email notification, and you will also get an email from PayPal assuming that’s how the buyer paid. You may need to check these don’t go into your Spam folder by mistake.


Thanks so much Helen - appreciate your feedback.



If you think about it, if you haven’t specifically linked your mobile phone number to your Folksy shop then it couldn’t actually ping you and I am not aware of anywhere you can do that in your Folksy shop settings.

True, maybe something they could look into.

Thanks for your feedback - appreciated.


Emily x

I think that’s probably only something you get once sites have an app (which I imagine developing an app takes quite a lot of work and different knowledge to creating a website… so probably not something Folksy can do for us very soon).

What might be possible is to set something up yourself from the email, so your phone (through whichever email app you use), gives a sound notification when you receive an email from, which judging from my inbox, just looks to be the sales notifications.

I’ve got things set up so that I can tell I’ve had a Folksy sale via phone alerts. I have the Gmail app and the PayPal app and they’re set up with different alert sounds. When I make a sale I get 2 Gmail alerts (from the Folksy and PayPal emails) and a PayPal alert from the app. When I hear that combination of 3 alerts, I know I’ve made a sale - cue happy dancing :smile:


Thanks Helen I will look into setting that up.
Kind regards

Emily x

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Thanks Kim for your feedback.
Have a lovely evening x