My Favourite Piece

I’m guessing some people aren’t aware of the one item only rule for this tag! :eyes: :eyes: :thinking:

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Nope… and they unfortunately appear lots of times before others with 1 item get a chance to appear… A bit ironic not to be aware when you actually need to type “tag 1” :roll_eyes:

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I have reported several. Reminder needed I think

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The wording on the dashboard where the themes are has unfortunately lost the reminder to tag one thing only unless you click on the ‘read more’ link (redirects to a different page) so it’s possible that newer sellers didn’t realise. You can report shops for mis use to daily theme tags by using the report item button at the bottom of a listing (only report 1 item from the shop and state in the reasons that they have mis used the tags, no need to report all the items (yes I am spotting some sort of irony in that).
Might need to go back to the tag being ‘tag one thing only Dec 23’ for next month.


I just looked through to check my listing, i couldnt see any shop duplications, maybe been sorted. I like to assume its not deliberate. It can be frustrating though to find pages of items from one shop in a daily theme, and my one is don in page 20+ , i wish they could be shared out more evenly.

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Yes it does look like it’s been sorted now. But as @SashaGarrett said maybe either put the reminder back on or change the tag again so it’s more obvious that only one item can be tagged.

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Not sure what you are looking at but there are only currently 171 listings tagged and that is only 3 pages.

I just found you on page 3

I wasn’t talking specifically about today’s theme joy. Exaggerating to make a point.

Sorry Pamela I misunderstood but this particular tag Is different as it supposed to be confined to a single tag per shop which is why the topic has been raised.
On normal days if I have several things which meet the topic then i tick several but today it is one each and no more.