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My Firefox told me that beta-folksy is not secure

As I was roaming aroud Folksy my Firefox put up a warning that the site was insecure. Is this something you need to look at, Folksy? I see from other posts that you may be having problems.

I 'm on Firefox and have never had any warning about Folksy, seems a bit odd x

Oh how strange as I have folksy open in firefox and IE and at the moment I’m typing this post in Firefox and I’ve never had that message.

I have if I’m looking at a listing and want to add them as a favourite seller I get that message everytime. I’m using chrome. I have to open their shop right up and then favourite from their front shop page. This does need to be sorted as it could put potential buyers off.

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Are you using an old link to get to your Folksy shop? Folksy has been out of beta mode for a while now. If you use the or url hopefully the warnings will stop. :slightly_smiling:

No, I definitely clicked on a link within Folksy. I have tried to replicate my searches this morning but so far I have been unable to find that link that gave me that beta-folksy address. Perhaps KernowClaire is right. I had been browsing and favouriting shops and items at the time.

Yes I still get the same thing about a security message and to leave the site straight away if I fave a shop as @kernowclaire has said. It’s been happening for months. I use IE. If I didn’t know Folksy I probably would leave the site and not come back!! @Folksyadmin

I think it might be to do with that ‘follow this shop’ button on the item pages which hasn’t worked for a while. I clicked it yesterday and after that get into some sort of a backwater with messages about beta folksy. I closed the browser and started agian and all was fine. I’m sure @dougfolksy has it on his radar.

No, it is the favourite shop button from an item rather than the shop front. Every time I click on it the address bar flashes up something with beta in it and then goes to a full screen message:

There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.

The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority.

Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to trick you or intercept any data you send to the server.

We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.

Recommended iconClick here to close this webpage.

Not recommended iconContinue to this website (not recommended).

It’s been doing it for months. If I go to the shop front and click favourite it’s fine. I’m pretty sure this could put people off. From a previous thread there are a few of us it’s happening to so must happen to some customers as well.

Yes, I just got this message when I tried to favourite a shop from within a listing, as mentioned by Julie above.

"Your connection is not secure

The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

Learn more…"

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I’ve been able to favourite a shop from within a listing with no problem just now. I’m wondering if the shops people are trying to favourite are still on the beta site and are shops that have been on Folksy for a while and haven’t updated for some reason? Maybe people could look at the address bar of the shop they wish to favourite and check? They could then send the shop link to folksy [] alerting them to the problem if not already done so.

Another thing to do is clear your browsers cache and try again to favourite it. (

As an experiment I’ve just tried it with your shop @BigBirdLittleBird and the same thing. My lap top is only a few months old it’s been happening from day one every single time I have tried! It doesn’t seem to happen to everyone but I can’t explain it!!! :confused:

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ok I’ve just had a update in firefox and I tried favouriting one of your little birds Liz @BigBirdLittleBird and everything was fine no firefox warning and you’re url doesn’t have beta in it either.

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Have you cleared your browser’s cache? Also Folksy say that IE8 is the best browser with problems with IE7 (although that’s just to do with how things look rather than operate).

I’ve never had it either. Interesting that @DewDropCrafts had the same error with my page as I know that isn’t beta. Also that both @DewDropCrafts and @WoollyWoodlanders have the same problem but using different browsers.

I’ll tag @dougfolksy and @folksycontent again to see if they can shed any light.

It’s not favouriting the item it’s favouriting the whole shop from an item. Favouriting the item is fine.

It occurs to me after reading the comments, that maybe a function is being called which is still in the beta site. I hate to think that potential customers are put off from staying on the Folksy site; and they may never want to return. I am sure that @dougfolksy is on the case!


As best I can think, this might be happening because people are on the wrong URL, which has “beta-ep” in it. This wouldn’t be recognised by the browser as belonging to our certificate, so would generate the warning you see.
As to how they are ending up on that URL, I’m not sure. It would be really good to figure that out!
Is this easily replicable by anyone? Does anyone here see this error every time they try to favourite a shop (or perform any particular action)?

I was intrigued by this as I haven’t had a problem … so far! So I did the sensible thing and tried to favourite a shop from an item listing. Yes … FOLKSY YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!

This could lose us sales - and as I have just had 1000 business cards printed with the Folksy details I don’t want to have to jump ship.

Please Folksy - sort this out. I have already lost a possible retail deal because the retailer claimed that they couldn’t find my shop on Folksy. This is not good news.

Hi – please could you let us know which item listing you tried to favourite from?
And maybe which browser you’re using, on which operating system?
I’m struggling to replicate the issue.