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Need a teddy bear making

(Janice Ashworth) #1

My son (28) was bought a teddy bear by my Dad when he was born. Herbert has been with him ever since, his sister is now expecting her first child and he wants to give the new baby their own ‘Herbert’ so can anyone make a replica Herbert, with little bow tie, that is now missing from the original, adhering to the relevant British standards? I have attached some pictures

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Herbert is cute, hope you find someone who can make another for you.

(CopperTobi) #3

Wow, so cute teddy! I wish you find someone who can make similar very soon :slight_smile:

(Karen Nelson) #4

Hi I can make Teddies, I don’t sell them in my shop but if you let me know your email address I can send you some photos. Also do memory ones made out of a favourite fabrics

(Janice Ashworth) #5

Thanks Karen, I did email but not sure if you got it. My email is , I would love to see some photos