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Need help with my sales

Hi everyone i have updated all my items and i really do struggle to sell i think my prices are fair and i know i cannot make a lot of complicated items as i have to learn new skills by watching you tube. Any help that you could pass on to me to help me would be much appreciated thank you all in advance Gary

I’m not a big seller. But I think it may help if you create categories for your items. Such as Earrings, Necklace, Jewellery Sets.
Photos are so important. Take the best you can. Try and describe in your title, to be a bit more accurate. Like Brown Beaded Bracelet. I believe Folksy is Google friendly so you get better chance of being found if your title is more descriptive. I personally use Instagram, its the only place I can get traffic to my shop. I’m sure loads will help you with lots of more information. And check out the blog on Folksy too. Lots of tips there.

A think a lot of us are struggling with sales at the moment for a variety of reasons, even those with long established shops. The main difficulty is getting found in the first place, with so much selling online these days. If you are lucky enough to come up in a search, you need your items to stand out enough that a potential customer will want a closer look.
I know it’s hard (taking photographs is my least favourite thing!), but your items (which are very nice) could look so much more inviting. As @Amberlilly says, there are lots of tips on the blog. Also look at other shops selling similar items to see what photo styles are appealing.
Good luck!..

Jewellery is a very congested category with lots of options for buyers so you need to make sure your pieces are as well presented as possible. Here’s a link to the folksy blog, I’d recommend looking through the section on photography which has a number of tips about how to (cheaply) take better photos.