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Need to vent

(Sarah Eves) #1

My Hermes.
Usually fine, but this time have excelled, and not in a good way.

Thursday, parcel out for delivery - not delivered, citing restricted access.
Customer confused as there is no restricted access.
Helpline suggests it’s a gated complex/needs a code.

Friday - parcel out for delivery - not delivered, citing restricted access.
Customer confused, I’m confused - helpline admit that there was no restricted access, just a broken down van and all parcels returned to depot.

Monday - parcel out for delivery, customer in ll day - card through door stating no-one at home!
Customer cross, I’m cross - helpline state parcel will be out as a priority tomorrow.
Customer wants to cancel order.
I phone helpline, am told parcel was delivered at 4pm.
Half hour previously I was told it was out for delivery again tomorrow.
Depot closed, customer says card states ‘‘signature required’’ as reason for no delivery.
(It’s a large, 4 kilo box)
My Hermes insist it was delivered.

Really, really cross.
Apparently My Hermes franchise out to Fleet deliveries in Central London.
I won’t be using them again in London.

(Rachel) #2

Thats appalling :frowning:

(Karen Ellam) #3

Oh goodness what poor service :confused:

(Sasha Garrett) #4

So glad I don’t have to use them if that’s their idea of customer service. Hopefully you can sort it out.

(Sarah Eves) #5

Thank you.
It’s just so frustrating, as I have an awful feeling I’m going to be out of pocket over this for the whole order.
And the lack of communication/truth is appalling.

(Sasha Garrett) #6

If the order falls through due to their crappy service I think you should ask for compensation. Complaining via social media sites often gets you a better resolution (ie more compensation) quicker than if you go through the standard channels however looking at myHermes facebook page its full of people complaining so that trick might not work in this instance.

(ShakerTraditions) #7

What a nightmare. Hope it gets sorted pronto.

(Sarah Eves) #8

I’ve tried the social media venting in the past and it is quicker, but I’ve just sent an official complaint aswell - the customer has sent me a copy of the card left - stating it WASN’T delivered due to no safe place and needing a signature - yet My Hermes - or rather Fleet, who deliver for them in London - are insisting they did.
I completely understand the customer’s frustration, but I cannot refund anything till they locate the parcel and agree what happened to it - it’s a 55cm square box!!!
Plus, there’s no continuity on the helplines either - despite there being an incident report going back to last Friday they still give you conflicting information!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #9

Just disgusting Watchdog might be interested

(Sarah Eves) #10

And - AND - just to rub salt into the wound I have just checked tracking on a second parcel - also large - only to discover that the large box requiring a signature as it was being sent to a large office block for a magazine to use - has had no signature taken and has apparently been left at a '‘secure location.’'
This was at 6.30pm when the building was presumably empty!!!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #11

Hopefully the building has night security and it’s with security fingers cross as the saying goes.

(Sarah Eves) #12

I’m keeping everything crossed - but surely they should have taken a signature from anyone in the building?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #13

indeed even if it was only the cleaning team member.

(Lois & Robbi) #14

Hiya, Have you tied using Parcel Hero Via Quidco? We had awful issues with MyHermes and since switching what we make back in cashback makes up for the little extra parcel Hero charge and its always a great service!

Hope this is helpful

(Sarah Eves) #15

Thank you - I will look them up…My Hermes have excelled themselves this time!!!

(Sarah Eves) #16

Out of pocket £28 on a draught excluder that My Hermes delivered AFTER the order had been confirmed as cancelled due to a catalogue of errors.
Rather than be redirected back to me - as arranged - My Hermes deliver to the customer the day after the order was officially cancelled, although I use that term loosely as they delivered to a neighbour she’d never met - then have the nerve to tell me '‘it is not their responsibility to collect wrongly delivered parcels!!!’'
They suggested that not only do I have to pay to have it returned, I should ask the customer to visit her local library to print off a label!!!
After 25 emails between the customer and myself sorting out My Hermes lack of communication and ineptitude, I have told the customer to keep the parcel out of goodwill.
Never again will I use My Hermes in Central London.