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Please help. How do you contact myHermes and get sense out of them?

(Sarah Lambert) #1

I’m trying to return something bought from ebay - it’s a hefty m/bike stand bought for my o/h so far too heavy for the post office.

I bought shipping online and paid the extra to have it collected. The courier has obviously been going to the wrong address to collect as there’s been no sign of him. I’ve tried emailing and talking to the live chat- all they will say is that it’s being investigated -grrhh- I don’t want them to investigate I want them to collect it!
I know we’re out of the way and hard to find but as I’ve had deliveries from them I didn’t think there’d be a problem.

Does anyone know how to get sense out of them please?

(Joy Salt) #2

in answer to your question… with care.

I got so aggravated once I insulted the girl on the other end of the line - justified and undoubtedly true what I said but probably better left unsaid and made not a scrap of difference. It was rather like talking to a cardboard box. There is a set script. If what you want to say doesn’t fit the script, forget it.

I sorted my problem out by finding some packaging from a previous delivery and found the courier’s name and phone number on it… is there any chance you might have something tucked away in your under the stairs gloryhole cupboard like mine ?

(Sarah Lambert) #3

No Joy- this is the first (and hopefully last) time I’ll use them- my things are usually light enough to go by Royal Mail- thing is I forgot to put my mobile number on the order :confused: I really thought that if it was the same chap who delivered to me who would be picking up then he would know we’re up the track and back of beyond.

The frustrating thing is you tell them stuff and like you say they seem to just have a stock answer. The seller on ebay has refunded my money and is understandably getting rather hacked off about it all.

I couldn’t find a phone number for them-only email and live chat.

(Roz) #4

I’m not 100% sure but the website indicates that even if you have booked a courier pickup you can still take the parcel to a MyHermes drop off shop without reordering. It might be worth finding out if you have one within reasonable distance and ask there if you can do that.

(Jshandmadedesigns) #5

Email Carole Woodhead here’s the address, she the CEO you will soon get a reply, l had to do this before Christmas, it was a nightmare, and it was soon sorted out worth a try.

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(Sarah Lambert) #6

Thanks Roz, I may try that as my nearest drop off shop is on the way into our little local town.

(Sarah Lambert) #7

Thanks very much Js, that’s a handy address to have, I will certainly use it if I have no luck at the drop off shop tomorrow.

(Jim Thomson) #8

Hi Sarah,
I have been using MyHermes for a number of years and have found them very reliable. However in 2013 a parcel went missing and their help desk was able to contact the courier on his hand-held device while I was waiting on the phone.
I have looked, but can’t find the phone number I used, but looking on-line at MyHermes, Leeds, I see they have a webchat service open on a Saturday. Give them a try !

(Rachel) #9

Sarah I have used Hermes for a long time. I (touch wood) have only had one problem with them. I logged onto live chat and was upset to see I was 211th in the queue, but it only took about ten minutes for them to get to me. I explained my issue (a lost parcel) and whilst online they sent me a copy of the signatures my parcel had had and its whereabouts on its journey. They sorted everything out whilst I was still online and I was really pleased with them

Good luck Rachel

(Sarah Lambert) #10

Hi Jim @JFTCarpentry I wish they’d sort out my problem as easily. Still no further forward. I told them by email to tell the courier how to get to the house and as I say they’ve delivered here before.

Hi Rachel @GreenwoodMakes I tried live chat and she said my case was being investigated- for heavens sake, I just want the parcel picked up. I daren’t take it to a drop off in case there’s no provision for it as it was supposed to be picked up by a courier.

(Rachel) #11

If you drop it off it will be scanned at the local drop off point, you will then get a receipt. From that point the tracking begins so I wouldnt have thought dropping it would cause an issue.

(Sarah Lambert) #12

Oh right, thanks Rachel, I may try that then. As I said I haven’t used them before to send things. I know you sent the books through them, but they were delivered to my other address and my friend took delivery of them for me.

(Still reading and enjoying them btw- hope it’s ok that’s I’m taking a while :relaxed: Please tell me if you want them back sooner rather than later. I tend to read one of those then one of something else.)

(Rachel) #13

I know that it takes me ten minutes to drive back from our local drop off point, if I check the account when I get home, it usually has updated to state that the parcel has dropped off.

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(Susan Frankel) #14

Here’s the Hermes phone number….0330 333 6556
I have found them very reliable…even before this Christmas all went smoothly.
My stats with them are very good compared to the Royal Mail…who have lost or broken 3x the number of pots than Hermes have.
Also, on the phone, I have always had friendly and helpful service.
Good luck

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(Sarah Lambert) #15

I’m glad others have found them reliable but yet again Hermes has upset my week. I had an order from Debenhams and found out too late that they use My Hermes for delivery.
I have just been sent an email from them telling me my parcel has been successfully delivered- well it had, just not to me unfortunately. It was slung outside the door of the similarly named cottage in the village, and was soaking wet- as I was too when I got back from retrieving it.

So just a word of caution if you are sending parcels with MyHermes to rural addresses. I shall have to ask everyone I deal with now who they use as I can’t trust them sadly :confused:

(Pauline Hayward) #16

That’s all I ever got from them when a parcel was dumped on my drive which didn’t even belong to me. They are useless, they said it will be investigated and I would receive an email from the investigating team within 24 hours, 48 hours later no email so I got fed up of waiting, luckily enough my parcel was light enough to send back via Royal Mail. So that’s what I did. I never did get the email. I cringe now when people tell me they are using MyHermes, I don’t like them any more.

(Pauline Hayward) #17

I too have had parcels dropped outside my door when there is clearly a note on my door leave parcels in porch and mine was from debenhams too.

(Sarah Eves) #18

I used them without a hitch for years, but then had a spate of problems with them last year, mostly to London addresses.
I since found out that they franchise out to a company called Fleet in Central London, and there is a distinct lack of communication between the two.
After the final straw being having to write off a sizeable order after an almighty mess up I now refuse to use them at all.

@Plainprimitives, hope you get it sorted,

Sarah x

(Sarah Lambert) #19

Thanks @thesherbetpatch and @PaulinesCrafts

Talking to the neighbour (who lives almost a half a mile away) she told me there’s a different chap on this round now, and he usually just slings the parcels in the garden so I was lucky they weren’t even wetter. The chap before him knew where I was and had the sense to check my name with me when he delivered, looks like he’s had enough of them and gone though.

(Witty Dawn) #20

I don’t post my things via My Hermes - mainly because a while ago the main delivery guy was a nice enough chap but obviously a VERY heavy smoker. The parcels I got from him STANK of smoke each time - on the outer packaging- the vintage fabric inside actually tended to smell a good deal better! I would be dismayed if I sent a product out and it ended up smelling that bad. The issue being the parcels are stored in the delivery person’s own home, so problems can arise.

However my current My Hermes delivery chap is excellent - I receve a lot of packages - if I don’t answer he always pops round to the garden/studio to find me.

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