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New Changes! Creating a user name on your Facebook page

(Karen Ellam) #1


So deflated at the moment.
It looks like Facebook are changing a few things again. Just noticed on my Karenscraftybitz page there’s a prompt asking me to create a username. Apparently it makes us easier to be found in searches.

No probs I thought.

Only problem is when I type my shop name or name both are already taken. I’m in abit of a bind now and not sure what to do. We can put a number after our names but I can’t see the point because who would search for that.

So hurry up and pop your user name in that you really want before its snapped up x


(Claire Woodhead) #2

Thank you for the info. I’ve just done mine and it worked. I’ve already had to change my name on fb to hookloopknits as there are already a few shops called hook and loop on there with that name. Didn’t think of that when I opened my shop here. I don’t really like fb much, all very confusing :confused:

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(Karen Ellam) #3

Glad you changed it in time. I think it must have been rolled out to other places before us for names to have been snapped up that quickly.

I’m still trying to work out what to do with mine :cry:

(Claire Woodhead) #4

How annoying! I can’t think of a solution really. :anguished:

Best of luck!


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(Karen Ellam) #5

Thanks Claire

I’m sure I will think of something. It’s just going to look abit odd.
I’ve noticed a few pages have added design or shop at the end of their name.
Maybe I could try that for now.
I’m not sure if we can change the username once set???

(Sally Eira) #6

thanks for this.

i have just looked at my page - my @sallyandthefreckles has just appeared at the top in the banner automatically - i wasn’t asked to do anything though. it just says if iwant to change it go into ‘page info’ section.

perhpas you are only prompted if somebody has taken your name already - ? i hope you can sort things.

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(Karen Ellam) #7

It sure is a pickle :disappointed_relieved:

(Emma) #8

Ooo, i’ve just looked at mine and it’s been done automatically :slight_smile: x

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(Susannah Ayre) #9

I didn’t get any prompt but @curiousseagull is now sitting in the banner so assuming that’s it?

I never log in on the actual website on a desktop- I only ever use the apps on my phone so never 100% sure what people are seeing! Haha

(Saltmarshandsamphire) #10

Ours was done automatically too - Facebook is an odd thing. I am still not sure I like it at all!

(Sally Eira) #11

karen - do you have just your name in the facebook url (you can alter the facebook url after a certain period of time i think/when you have a certain number of followers) ?

i think this may be something to do with it.

eg mine is just (rather than a string of random numbers after the so perhaps this was why it was updated automatically.

(Sally Eira) #12

you can check this in fb :
go to ‘about’ -> ‘page info’ -> username

you may be able to change this username which will then affect the @username
BUT i think you can only change once - so be careful.

(Karen Ellam) #13

Ohhhh that’s interesting Sally. Maybe that’s it.
I don’t have a lot of followers really.

I will have a gander


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(Karen Ellam) #14

Yes I dare not touch anything til I’m sure. I’ve just read it can’t be changed once completed.

Arrrrgggghhh. I feel quite stressed…

More coffee lol

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(Sally Eira) #15

you have more than me - so should be able to change - but i can’t be certain about anything so please check properly first

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(Sally Eira) #16

slightly off topic - I have just seen the new ‘offer’ button on facebook too where you can do discounts and direct people to your shop - i am not sure if free to use though.

(Karen Ellam) #17

I’ve seen a few pages have used a website for their user name. I wonder if that’s ok??

Without knowing a lot about what the username will be used for its hard to think of what to use.

Ohhhh I will take a look at that new feature Sally @SallyandtheFreckles

(Kim Blythe) #18

Well I just checked mine and it’s telling me to create a username, but when I start typing it in it says I’m not eligible to create a username…I’m confused…

(Karen Ellam) #19

I wonder why that is Kim? It is really confusing.
I don’t even really know what having this new user name really means.

I’ve just got back from the day job and after much pondering and stressing about it I’ve decided to leave it for now until my Husband gets home.
Maybe sort it at the weekend.
I can’t have the user name I really want so I guess it will just have to wait, and come up with one that works for me. (Ohhhh I sounded a little bit spoilt there… Hehehehe)

I can’t keep up with all of these social media changes…sigh :smirk:


(Kim Blythe) #20

I don’t know…It states you have to be an admin to set a username. I created the page so am automatically the admin…it doesn’t say there are any other restrictions. I only have to type 1 letter in the box and it comes up in red that I am not eligible, without any explanation as to why…