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Newbie, some advice needed

(Louise Jones) #1


My name is Louise and I have just opened my shop on here. I make jewellery and various other things, I have just listed some things in my shop and was wondering if anyone could take a look give me some feedback about my listings etc, ie photos (not great at the moment as only done on phone.) listings etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



(Sonia Adam) #2

Hello Lou & welcome to folksy. Your jewellery looks lovely and your descriptions appear to be comprehensive. As you say yourself, working on photos is something that you’ll be working on. Try to use all 5 photos & maybe include a shot of your jewellery being worn?
I’d double check your ‘insurance’ on posted items, it’s my understanding that Royal Mail will cover items up to £20 and that is your responsibility as the sender to make a claim should anything happen.
I would also fill out your ‘meet the maker’ section too as people like to see who they are buying from, their inspirations etc.
Wishing you the very best of luck & you know where to find help if you need it! Sonia.

(Silvapagan) #3

The leaves are lovely and bright! Sometimes it’s helpful, if you don’t have the items on a model, to have something like a 50p in the shot so that people can tell what size your item is.

(Louise Jones) #4

Thank you sonia, I will remove that postage thing and try to use more of the photos available. I really appreciate the feedback.

p.s I really love the gingerbread men in your shop.



(Louise Jones) #5

Thank you silvapagan for looking at my shop. I will take photos on a model to show them in situ but at the moment I have only taken photos with my I-phone so I had difficulty with taking a selfie. I love the hares in your shop they are so cute.

Thankyou for the feedback