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New to Folksy - Strange View Count

Hi there

I joined Folksy a week or so ago and I have a query relating to how many views my items are getting per day since it seems rather odd.

At first I added just two items. I was astounded to see these items had stacked up 58 views within 24 hours. This made me excited to add more items.

I added three more items and therefore had five items listed on Folksy and I received 208 views in the following 24 hour period.

I then added another 40 or so items and on day three I received 465 views.

On the fourth day I added my full catalogue of just under 200 items. I excitedly logged in 24 hours later to check my views. Only to find I had received a total of just 35 views.

Wondering if it was perhaps a blip, I logged in the next day hoping for better stats, to discover I had received even fewer views at just four!

This morning I checked again to see that yesterday I received only three.

I wondered if anybody could shed some light as to what is going on here. Seems VERY odd that just five items should receive over 200 views in a 24 hour period, 40 items over 400, yet a catalogue of a couple of hundred items receive just 3 or 4 views in total per day.


When new shops open lots of people go and have a look to see what they are selling and checking that they are abiding by folksy’s T&C and informing admin to take action where appropriate (as shops aren’t vetted we do get non uk shops and resellers opening up against the T&Cs). Your initial blip might just have been people looking and going ‘oooh pretty, uk based and handmade’ rather than people actually searching for your product.

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