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Strange View Count

Hi there

I joined Folksy a week or so ago and I have a query relating to how many views my items are getting per day since it seems rather odd.

At first I added just two items. I was astounded to see these items had stacked up 58 views within 24 hours. This made me excited to add more items.

I added three more items and therefore had five items listed on Folksy and I received 208 views in the following 24 hour period.

I then added another 40 or so items and on day three I received 465 views.

On the fourth day I added my full catalogue of just under 200 items. I excitedly logged in 24 hours later to check my views. Only to find I had received a total of just 35 views.

Wondering if it was perhaps a blip, I logged in the next day hoping for better stats, to discover I had received even fewer views at just four!

This morning I checked again to see that yesterday I received only three.

I wondered if anybody could shed some light as to what is going on here. Seems VERY odd that just five items should receive over 200 views in a 24 hour period, 40 items over 400, yet a catalogue of a couple of hundred items receive just 3 or 4 views in total per day.


Welcome to Folksy!

When you list a new item, you always end up with one view (from yourself) of the new item. So when you added 200 items, you will have had 200 views to start with. Your own views are counted in the stats, I don’t think there is a way that Folksy could not count them.