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Paypal payment notification emails

Just wondering if anyone else has had any issues receiving payment notification emails from Paypal. I made a sale this afternoon, got the Folksy email straight away but nothing from Paypal, although the money is clearly showing has having been received when I log into my Paypal account. . I’m aware Paypal does have issues from time to time…

I had a sale yesterday and the Paypal notification arrived about 30 minutes after the Folksy one…they normally arrive pretty much at the same time.

Yes, I had a sale this afternoon and email from Folksy but not from PayPal, I did check into PayPal to see if the payment had gone through and it had, I’ve never had it happen before until today.

My email has just come through…four hours late!

Same here. Had a sale last night. PayPal notification was this morning. :thinking:

Sale Monday just after midnight, paypal the following morning!

Same here; took 6 hours today to get notification of money received. Have messaged them regarding this, not sure if will get response! Though handy to know not just me!

I never get Paypal notifications from the account attached to folksy. Paypal sats it’s hotmail. Hotmail says it’s Paypal. No one can fix it and it’s been like that for years :frowning:

Ha, ha, yes, there is comfort in numbers! Sure it will get sorted. It is unusual though… I normally get the Paypal email before the Folksy one.

I did finally receive the PayPal notification at about 11.30pm! Definitely on go slow at the moment!

We’re sorry you didn’t receive a notification from Paypal. At this time of year we recommend signing in to your Folksy Dashboard every day to check for orders just in case you don’t receive email notifications.

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Thanks @clarefolksy. I always check my dashboard anyway, I just wasn’t sure if the PayPal thing was peculiar to me, but I can see it is affecting quite a few people.

Hi Chris and Clare
We had same issue yesterday afternoon, in fact the Paypal email arrived about 4 hours after the Folksy one, like you Chris I checked my Paypal account and the money was in there.

Yes Chris, the sale I had this morning, I didn’t get the PayPal notification until this afternoon.

Are you getting sale notification emails from Folksy & then a delayed email from PayPal?

Because, in my case, on mobile, I’m just get delayed emails & am not sure if it’s my email app, my email server account, or Folksy? - in my case the payments have been via Stripe, emails from them were also delayed. I’ve also discovered that the Stripe App switched off its own notifications during the latest update, which is irritating of it…

just thought I’d add that lot to the mix :slightly_smiling_face:

I had an order yesterday evening, and still no Stripe confirmatory email today… not sure what to do. This is on my desktop BTW.

I would go into your Stripe account directly and see if you have been paid. If so, check you have notifications set up in Stripe - and go ahead and send the item!

If not, then I would contact the purchaser to check whether they had any problems with checking out…

You will normally receive a confirmation from Stripe for your first order but after that you may not automatically be notified by email about payments received. You can customise the notifications you receive in your Stripe dashboard. If you would like to be notified by email whenever you receive a payment through Stripe, log into your Stripe account and go to your ‘Profile’ (click the avatar in the top corner) Scroll down and you will see the Notifications section. Here tick the box next to ‘Successful payments - Receive a notification for every successful payment.’