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Non Payers

(Claire Boynton) #1


I sell on a few different places, and I have a real issue with Folksy and non-payers. Is there any way I can set up my shop so that customers have to pay when they order? They seem to order, then drift away without paying, never to pay once the urge has disappeared. I don’t have this elsewhere.

It may well be that I don’t have my shop set up properly. Does anyone here know a way of avoiding this?

Many thanks

Mrs Bee’s Emporium

(bluebellwoodturning) #2

Hi Claire
This has happened to me a couple of times ,usually they are guest buyers who have lost their way in the order process I have followed Folksy advice and emailed the potential customer and this has resulted in the customer completing the process, except for once when I presume they had changed their minds.

Hope this helps


(Claire Boynton) #3

Thanks. I have had 3 in the last month that I have emailed, but they have not returned to pay for the item.

Its a shame because I don’t get that elsewhere.

(Lorraine Burt) #4

I haven’t had a sale yet so not sure how it works but I’d presumed the customer would pay, then you’d get an email with the order? Does it not work that way?

(Sally Eira) #5

hi - you get two e-mails - one when they place the order (filled in their details etc), the second when they actually make payment.

(Lorraine Burt) #6

Hi Sally,
I see, thanks for clearing that up, hopefully I’ll find out how it works soon!! (fingers crossed!) x

(Sasha Garrett) #7

There has previously been a discussion about non paying customers - sometimes people have issues with the link between folksy and paypal failing (especially if they are on mobile devices), paypal only lets people use it so many times before they have to set up an account (and not everyone wants to do that), sometimes people don’t realise that they need to pay each shop separately (after all you don’t have to do that on amazon), sometimes they just change their mind. If they are guests and don’t pay immediately the link they are emailed to allow them to pay is only active for 24 hours so drop them an email and ask if they were having issues and if you can help in any other way (I offer to take cheques), if you haven’t heard back within the 24hour period then cancel the order (I drop them an email at that point explain that I have done that but they can still go back to my shop and buy the item with a link to the item). Folksy claim that only 2% of ‘orders’ don’t get paid and are thinking about changing the process such that we only get informed once the order has be paid for rather than the current 2 email system (but some people like the 2 email system and have recovered non paid for sales by contacting the potential customer after the first email and eg offering to take a cheque). If you got a reason from the potential customer as to why the sale wasn’t completed then folksy would like to know the details to help them improve the system (email details to support).

(Heidi Meier) #8

I had a customer who ordered and then didn’t go on to pay, and when I emailed him, offering help, he got back to me and said he was interested in a few things from different Folksy stores, but hadn’t realised until he came to pay that we were all from actual independent shops and therefore he had a number of separate postage fees to pay. So he didn’t complete.

(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #9

I’ve had one that has ordered paid for this morning so i sent the item this afternoon, at just after 11pm tonight got a message from her telling me not to send it she cancelled it through folksy, I’m like wtf why has no one informed me before letting me post it.
so it’s not just the none payers that’s a problem