Folksy Ltd

Not listing?

Not sure what is wrong?

Has your description got any characters in other than the usual letters and numbers?
Like hyphens, percentage signs, forward slashes… anything like that? I can’t remember which it is but I think a fairly common one might not work. Have a look for something like that, try find a way to write it that avoids that character and try posting again.

Ssssh don’t tell anyone that I cut and pasted the description so it’s the same as another listing so I’m just not getting it! I’m streaming with the cold so I may be being dense … it’s not unheard of. I wish it told me what the offending thing was …

Main reason for not copy / pasting is that Goggle will ignore you and your listing if it spots you doing it…You’re not breaking any Folksy laws :slight_smile: It is guesswork which characters it objects too… I’m suspicious of anything other than straight alphanumeric.

Aww thanks! Glad you’re back from your travels! Looks like you had a super time! Xx

Absolutely blooming fantastic… Will put together a set of photos on my page when I get a minute. So good I need to share it :slight_smile: