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Note to seller

I have just had an email from a customer to say that she added details of personalising her card at checkout but I havent received any note.
anybody else having that problem?

In order to see any notes on an order you actually have to click on the “view order detail” at the top of your order on your dashboard - I missed quite a few notes when I started out as I didn’t realise that :slight_smile: If the note doesn’t appear there then there is a problem!


Yes I did that and printed order out but nothing. Maybe the customer made a mistake and deleted the details by mistake but will be keeping an eye on it

She could also have left a note on the actual Paypal order rather than through Folksy. I think those show up in your Paypal account but if you email they could check for you?


Thanks Camilla never thought of checking paypal account.
Customer said - My request showed in the box before I went on to pay, but at the confirmation stage it had been wiped out and the chance to revert to the relevant page was not offered.
I have since had another order with a note added so will just keep an eye on future orders