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Oops! Won't make that mistake again!

I’ve just looked at the order I’ve just posted and realised that I’d put the postage price by mistake in the amount for the item. I hadn’t noticed until it was too late! Just shows you need to check your listings carefully. Someone has got a real bargain! Wont be doing that again in a hurry. :open_mouth:

OH no! Was it a usually high priced item?

That’s a mistake you won’t make twice! Whoever the buyer was, they must be made up with their bargain :relaxed:
I’m sorry you lost out though.

Fortunately not. I only lost £5, but it just shows how easy it is to make a slip. Could have been one of my more expensive items. Predictive text is another thing that slips in without me noticing. I’ve often read one of my listings a while later and realise that predictive text has changed what I meant to say without me noticing. I need to check things more carefully when I’m listing.

:slight_smile: - I have done similar before and managed to sell a scarf for £3 instead of £20! You live and learn.

This is why I never use predictive text it’s a big backwards step. Where grammar and spelling checks can be quite useful.

I must admit I do all my descriptions in Microsoft Word then when I’m happy I copy and paste it into my description. However that doesn’t help with pricing error though. Even then I still find the odd error in my listings and have to use the edit function.

Sorry you lost out though :frowning:

Oh dear, I’ve done the same, I can’t say I won’t do it again either :persevere:

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by way of a very small conselation, I just favourited you lol.
We all do it of course. So easily done

I’m not the only one then. Thanks ladies - I’ll always remember to check in future. :blush: