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Orders awaiting shipping

I have 2 orders in my shop dating back to 2013 which are still “awaiting shipping” although in reality they have been shipped. These date back to when I was very much a Folksy novice and didn’t realise that orders needed to be marked as shipped. The problem is that these orders are sitting on my dashboard and really annoy me. The only way of getting rid of them is to mark them as shipped but this will trigger an email to the recipient saying the item is on its way (2+ years late!). I’m wondering if I should just bite the bullet and hit the “shipped” button and hope the recipients just ignore the emails or whether I just have to accept it and put up with it for all time!

What would you do?

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I have the same situation with 1 awaiting shipping. Its not bugging me too much but still looks “untidy”. CAn you click on it then email the customer to ignore it, or can admin do something.

I have asked admin and they say they can’t do anything. Maybe emailing the customer separately might be the answer.

I would just ignore them - too late to email buyers now and why risk annoying them with two unnecessary emails?

I also have this situation, one order that I forgot to mark as posted. The question has been asked before, and apparently there is nothing that admin or us can do.
It is annoying, but seems like lots of us have done it.

That would drive me crazy . I’ve had sellers not click despatch until weeks / months after though & it doesn’t bother me
It would be nice to be able to put a note in with the shipped notification like, erm, over there :slight_smile:

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Me too! It’s annoying but I’m just puttIng up with it!

I’d just leave it as like someone else said you wouldn’t want to annoy the buyers with emails.

Yes, I agree that it would be good to be able to include a note with shipping notification.

I wish we could put a note in too! Feel like I don’t have any real contact with my buyers and the whole idea of craft is that it’s a handmade item, by me! I just want to put ‘posted today, 2nd class signed for’ or whatever, or the tracking info!
I had 2 orders awaiting shipping from years ago and I got the hump earlier and hit ‘despatched’! Will see what happens!! But they’ve now gone and everything is back in the right order again!

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