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Please help - awaiting payment

(Rachel) #1

I had an order for two items, yesterday lunchtime. The status on my dashboard says awaiting payment. I have emailed the customer asking her to check at her end if the payment has gone through. She has emailed me back saying she “will leave feedback on receiving the items”. I have emailed her again stating that my account still is showing payment not received and nothing from her in my paypal.

I am so tempted to send them as I am going away to Wales for the weekend and the items need to go within the three day timeslot.

Would you send the items, and chase payment after? or would you wait until payment comes through please?

Thank you Rachel

How long do you wait for payment?
(Iguana49) #2

What strikes me is that she didn’t answer your very clear question. She hasn’t confirmed that she’s paid and there is no notification that she has paid. Personally I would not send the items. Anyway surely the 3 day timescale you mention refers to 3 days after receiving payment, not getting the order.

(Deborah Jones) #3

I would not send before receiving payment , as you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if it never came.
3 days from when you receive payment will be next week when you are back.

(Rachel) #4

Thank you Deborah and @Iguana49 and yes the three day timescale is presumably from payment. Thank you again.

(Hazel Rayfield) #5

I wouldn’t send it either Rachel. I had this happen last year and we kept going back and forth emailing re payment. In the end I asked folksy to look into it and I cancelled the sale.

Best to err on the side of caution :slight_smile:


(Rachel) #6

Thank you Hazel, its nice to have the reassurance of being able to ask others :smiley:

(Susannah Ayre) #7

The whole 3 day timescale thing tends not to include weekends either. I’ve always gone by ‘3 business days’ so even if the payment cleared on Friday technically you wouldn’t have to worry about posting until mid next week.
I’ve never posted on a weekend and never had any issues/complaints from anyone.
I certainly wouldn’t post until the payment had cleared though.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

Keep checking your paypal account incase it comes in and re email the customer stating you are unable to post her items until you have received payment. Let her know your paypal account has no record of a payment from her and ask her again to check if she’s completed the transaction.

(Kim Blythe) #9

I had this happen to me recently and the customer had just not completed the transaction in Paypal…I contacted her and she did pay…apologising as she thought she had paid when she had confirmed at Folksy checkout…I did not post the item until the money was in my Paypal account though and explained to her in my email that I would send the item out as soon as payment was received.
I would not send before I got payment…

(Helen Smith) #10

I always include a line in the message to the effect that ‘if I have not received payment by x date I will cancel the order’ and then if/when I do cancel the order I let the customer know and say ‘feel free to re-order at any time’ and ‘please get in touch if you need help with Paypal or the payment process’

Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. One customer went over to the other side and ordered there instead (sorry Folksy!)

(Joy Salt) #11

Unless your customer is Folksy registered she won’t be able to pay you. The link they receive in the email from Folksy when they place the order only works for 24 hours.
So if she is not Folksy registered the best thing to do is:
a. Send her an email telling her this and saying you are going to cancel the order so she can put it through again this time with the payment
b. Cancel the order… This will generate an automatic email to her telling her you’ve cancelled the order.

I would not dream of sending out the order under these circumstances.

(Rachel) #12

Thank you an email has been sent again asking her to complete the transaction, she has chosen not to reply so I will by the end of today cancel the orders - thank you so much for all your help. Rachel

(Joy Salt) #13

I did have a similar situation the other week when I emailed and had no response. I cancelled the order after 36 hours as customer would not be able to pay anyway. 24 hours later I had a slightly ‘put-out’ email to say that’d had an email from Folksy to say I’d cancelled the order and asked for an explanation.
I responded via Folksy contact instead of just replying on the order email as I concluded, correctly, that my original email had not been received.
Customer re-ordered, paid and all was well.

(Rachel) #14

Not sure how I have managed it, but I have another 2 orders that have come through as awaiting payment. I think the email address on this second lot is wrong too as its is *********@manx/net so I have emailed the customer on @manx/net and but to no avail.

Can customers register as a guest buyer without a valid email address please?


(Helen Smith) #15

Probably… not many shopping sites interrupt the checkout process to get you to confirm your e-mail address. You can certainly register with Paypal with an incorrect e-mail address, as we discovered recently when someone registered using my Mum’s e-mail address by mistake. And Paypal couldn’t do anything about it because of course all their e-mails came to us… they told me they assumed people would know their own e-mail address but it is so easy to make a silly error when you’re typing it in.

(Rachel) #16

Thank you Helen, I hope you did eventually manage to sort out the use of your Mum’s email. Thank you for your reply. Perhaps Sian @sianfolksy could advise? Rachel

(Sian ) #17

They don’t exactly register (the point of guest buyers being that they can quickly enter their email address without signing up for an account) but yes, it is possible for them to enter an invalid or incorrect address. If it’s an obvious typo, it’s worth trying to guess the correct email address, as you have done. If they don’t respond, we can only advise that you cancel the order.

(Rosesworkshop) #18

Have any of you seen a recent TV advert where someone is giving tips about buying online? She tells people to put the item in the basket, but not to complete straight away; to wait and see if you get an email from the store offering a discount to buy today!

If this is current buyer mentality it could explain why we keep getting unfinished transactions.

(Rachel) #19

That’s awful, and yes it would make sense for the unfinished transactions. :frowning:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #20

Yes I saw that advert and it’s very disappointing isn’t it. We are not mass producers using cheap materials it’s the race to the bottom once again.

I don’t think we can tell if someone has put one of our items into their basket.