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Packing/Gift Wrapping

I’m sending a card out straight to the receiver not the buyer. Now I’m scared it will get damaged and when I send card’s to buyers I put extra sheets of stiffing card around the card in it’s cellophane bag.

This time of course there is no cellophane bag just straight into it’s normal envolope.

So I’m decided to try some different packing. The card has it’s message from the buyer inside it’s seal in it’s envolope, now to keep that looking lovely I’ve made this little protective gift covering then it’s all going into a recycled jiffy bag.

So what I’d like to know is this little protective gift wrapping look good enough to send out.

and this is the view from the edge where the card in it’s envolope is hidding

Thing is I’m not sure about it as I’ve just made it from a cardboard box and, wrapping paper, glue and lace.

What do people think?


I think it looks lovely Eileen, it makes the card even more special to receive!


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It looks lovely!

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Thank you ladies :smile:
Well it’s been posted so I do hope she like’s it.

I’m a bit annoyed with myself in my haste to get it to the post office I forgot to attach my little ‘Hand made just for you’ tag :frowning:


I looks fab Eileen @EileensCraftStudio and got that extra protection too, shame you forgot about your tag do you have your information on the back of the card so they will know where to find you should they wish to buy a card themselves.

not I don’t but as it’s going to the same house as the guy who bought it just to another member I’m sure he’ll tell her :slight_smile:

Usually my card with envolope is in a little cellphone bag which is sealed with my banner and details.

Hahaha that is lucky :smile:

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