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Paypal email delay

Anyone else not receiving their Paypal emails over last few days. Mine have been popping in a day or more late (including my own Ebay purchase emails).
I keep thinking I’ve sold something only to find the Paypal advice email is for something I’ve already sent out in the post.

Yes i have had my paypal emails delayed, 2 from yesterday i only received the emails today

Yes mine are coming in about a day late.

Yes, same here - there seems to be a day’s daily.

Yes, mine too. I haven’t sold anything here in the last couple of days, but other Paypal emails are arriving about 8 hours late.

I don’t get notifications at all from Paypal anymore…and this morning I have a lady who says she has bought and paid for a custom order, but the postage wasn’t added on at Paypal. I have checked my shop this morning and the item is still there, no record that she has bought it!..and nothing in Paypal. She is a regular customer so I know she is not trying anything dodgy.
I have emailed her and asked her to check her Paypal account again to see if the payment has gone out…
I don’t need this today…I’m at work this morning so cannot sort it out until later…grrrr…

Yes mine have been a day late too.

Thanks all. Glad it’s not just me :slight_smile:

It sounds like she didn’t complete the payment process Kim, because the postage is added on once you return back to Folksy to confirm. We can’t add it on before because we don’t know where the customer is based until we have their address from Paypal.

I can’t see any issues on the Paypal site but it sounds like there is a problem. We’ll try to find out more and see if they’ve run any updates recently that could have resulted in delays. It’s also worth keeping an eye on their Twitter account for news or issues - and you can ask questions directly on there too.

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I have a very strange thing happening on PayPal at the moment, when I go into my PayPal summary and also transactions, it shows all the Folksy payments, sales I’ve made, things I’ve bought from Folksy shops and also my Folksy bill payment as Ebay payments, with an Ebay icon!

Is this happening to anyone else?

Natalie x

Thank you @folksycontent , I contacted my customer and she checked her Paypal account and there was no record of payment so she tried again. She was directed to Paypal to pay, but the postage was still not included in the total to pay so she did not proceed. This lady has bought from me on Folksy quite a few times, without any issues, so I cannot see her not completing the process properly.
I have now deleted the listing in case there is something wrong with the link to that particular listing, and have created a new listing which includes the postage in the item price. I’m hoping this will solve the problem. I just need her to buy the item now and see if it is working ok…