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Photographs - Help!

I have decided to re-activate my Folksy plus account and was doing so well adding new items and getting back into the swing of listing here until… I have accidently clicked on the Folksy advisory prompt to be able to delete photographs on the copy listing format.

Any ideas how to get it back or do I need to contact the techy’s at Folksy.

Many Thanks

I think when I accidentally did the same I logged out and then logged back in again which cleared the issue. Hang on a minute whilst I go check…

Little bit more involved than first thought - you need to clear your browser cache and cookies relating to Folksy (logging out and in didn’t fix it but that did).

Thank you Sasha… That worked - now got a whole load of drafts that I used as tests to delete :laughing:

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@dotterypottery this is the thread - it looks like the clear everything approach worked for them.