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Photos not displaying

Me too, when I post the image dosent appear. Sometimes if I leave that thread, and come back to it ,it’s there…just odd !! Thanks for looking into it @dougfolksy

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Sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve been on holiday. Is this still an issue?

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Hi, Hope you had a good holiday. Yes it is still the same x

Yes it is, thank you for the reply, Suzzie x

Ok Doug has had a look at this and the good news is that it looks like our image server is working fine, so it’s not a problem at our end. The bad news is that it might be a tricky problem to solve and it might take Doug a little while to figure it out. Thanks so much for your patience while we keep investigating!


Thanks Clare, as it still seems to be an issue for me too.

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Hi @clarefolksy what is the progress with this query please as it is still happening. I’ve looked back at some photos I added earlier and they are still not showing.

Thank you

@clarefolksy I have just signed out and in again and the photos are now displaying properly.

Thank you

Hi Clare Folksy
Trying to list items and photos not loading up !

Sorry @clarefolksy I have tried listing my products in the forums this morning and they are not showing again.

As mentioned before, we’re not sure why this is happening but Doug is continuing to investigate

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Thank you @clarefolksy