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Photos not displaying

I’m not really sure. I’m not very tech savvy I’m afraid. I checked your post on my phone (Safari browser) and on my laptop (Microsoft Edge browser) and your photos showed up on both.

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They’re showing up for me too. We’re really struggling to work out what’s going on as it seems to be an issue on the forum platform rather than in the Folksy codebase. Doug looked at it again for me this morning and still doesn’t have any answers I’m afraid. I’m contacting the support team for the forum again to see if they can help. Sorry I still don’t have any better news!

I hope they can come up with a solution as it is quite frustrating. Do you think that because I use a Chromebook which uses google not microsoft may have something to do with it?

Photos don’t show when I post a link either and I’m on a computer, so doubt it’s that (although I am using chrome as a browser).

I’ve given up copying and pasting links now and just post the big image instead with the “add an image” button, because at least that seems to work all the time.

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I just posted 4 links with pictures that weren’t working in a thread, but as soon as I forced a refresh (hold down shift when you press the refresh button) the images all appeared.

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Thank you Kim I will try that

Some of the issues we’ve been having around photos not displaying should be fixed now. Can you let me know if you’re still having problems as the tech support couldn’t identify any problems.

I’m still getting black squares where the photo should be - just on the odd photo.

Hi Camilla, I just removed all my photos on an item in my shop, as I wanted to edit them. Now, I am unable to add any new ones.

Hurray, its working again now.

Hi Camilla - just thought that I would let you know that I’m still getting the black squares instead of photos most days. They don’t last long and often disappear when you click on them but you said to let you know if there were still issues with this.

Me too! As Martine says, the pictures do eventually pop up on the screen usually if i click off and then back on again they are there, its just when you first upload the image