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Photo problem?

Is there an issue with photos @dougfolksy?
I was trying to do a new listing and the final photo kept giving me a photo error message. I saved the draft with the other photos and the draft listing page has no main photo - just a small black box with cross in it. Now that I’ve reloaded the Folksy front page, there are lots of photos missing.

I reported a couple of days ago, via email to support , that when I am loading photos up here it keeps hanging my computer. Did it again tonight at 22:11 and didn’t come back until 22:14. @dougfolksy can you see if something funny was going on then.
I had deleted all the other photos as I was copying to make a newer listing of a previously sold piece and loaded 2 photos. When I hit the + to load the next of my 5 photos it just sat there and locked me out of Chrome. It even locks up my CTRL / Alt / Del / task manager.
I have learned though to be patient ( as quicker to wait than have to do all my editing again if I manage to throw myself out… which I have to say is easier said than done when my laptop is locked up). I had managed to open Firefox… to check my wifi was working… and as that opened so did my photo folder appear ready for me to select the next picture to load… as a result of my pressing the + 3 minutes earlier.

And yes of course I have cleared cookies, cache etc etc but I am only having problems loading my photos here, nowhere else and as I said in my emails, I loaded 280+ photos to FB the other day and it never even blinked.
It was this one I was updating at 22:11

Ps been locked out this tine since 00.04 and no sign of getting my laptop talking to me this side of bedtime !
Oh… There it is 9 minutes later …
Please will you sort this Doug … it is getting aggravating xx
This time it was my Lancashire Rose. It did all but the last photo then hung again. It very kindly let me load all my Yorkshire Rose without hanging.
It is Very specifically when I hit the + to load up a photo. I know it is back when my selected photo album reappears …and I can then select my photo as normal.

Ah yes, I’ve noticed this problem on occasion too!

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Ahh I’ve had this issue too Joy @JOYSofGLASS - I’d thought it was my laptop playing up but maybe not then.
It doesn’t happen every time, but on a few occasions when I’ve been trying to upload photos the laptop will completely crash - like you say task manager crashes too & I have to restart the laptop. I don’t have your patience to wait & see if it fixes itself Joy!
Only ever happens when loading photos on Folksy. I’ve taken to writing my listing with all tags etc, then loading just one photo & viewing so it saves everything, & then going back in to load the rest of the photos just in case of any issues so I don’t lose everything!
Doug @dougfolksy - I will make a note of the listing & time etc next time if that’s useful?

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Thanks Dee. Glad it isn’t just me.
First time I thought it was me. Just been in South Africa with my laptop and thought I’d picked something up but deep virus scan said all clean. Only ever happens on Folksy photo load and specifically as I press the +, before I’ve had the chance to choose the photo I want to load.

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Just had it happen again, decided to leave the laptop to see if it would come back - half an hour later I gave up & restarted it. Yes Joy @JOYSofGLASS it was as I pressed the + that it crashed. I’ll drop an email to support I think!

Photos are being exceptionally slow to load here. Doesn’t seem to matter what size an image is, some load fine others just refuse to load or might take 5+ attempts.

It’s sometimes taking me upwards of 20 minutes to load them, having to repeatedly select images as they keep coming up with the image error message.

This was at 22 42. 2 better pictures to add to my listing.
Managed to add one picture. Hit the + Add Photo button as you can see from photo taken on my phone. Now 22.49 and still hoping my photo album will appear within the hour so I can get the 2nd picture

on there and regain the use of my laptop to get something more done before I go to bed.

Now 22.56…I hit the Start button and logged out / in again and Chrome closed itself so I went back in and now have added my 2 new pictures… This is getting boring…every night…

Loads of pictures missing from the front page again this morning!

I am getting errors when I try to upload any photo. Have Folksy responded to these photo issues yet?

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No pics loading for me at all, I have tried Chrome and Firefox (desktop versions) and I get no photos on either platform. Hope its sorted soon :slight_smile: x


I’ve emailed urgent@folksy


Thank you Helen :slight_smile: I bet Doug doesn’t start till 9ish, I am sure he will be on the case asap :wink: xxx

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Same here I can not upload photos, get the error message Jeanie

As a newbe folksy shop I have edited my listings and now the images are “error”. Anyone could check my shop to check if it is my computer or me or folksy?
Thank you

It’s not you - it’s a problem on the site. I emailed urgent@folksy 3 hours ago, so I imagine it’s probably being investigated by @dougfolksy

Very glad a customer managed to sneak in there at 10 oclock to buy my bee :slight_smile: but I only have half my photos showing so definitely an image issue today

Just managed to get two images on, then got the error again!!

I am having the same problem. I have tried two browsers, cleared all caches, re-booted, checked my internet connection, checked the size etc of images, deleted/reloaded/re-edited the images nothing worked. I have just listed an item with only one image.