Pinterest Pins Help

I am just redoing my pinterest and learning how to use it properly and I just wanted some help with when using pinterest to get interest in you business do you only pin products from your own shop/ business or do you pin other peoples products too.

Do you have to have permission to share other business products on pinterest or is it ok to share other business products if you think they fit in with your boards?

Thanks for all your help


I’m interested also, Jan

I created a board called ‘AAll my favorite folksy finds’ on my Anna Spencer Pinterest account and another board called ‘AAnna on Folksy at FifiFoxi’. I pin other Folksy sellers work on one and my own work on the other board.

I also include Folksy Friday boards that I create on ‘AAll my favorite Folksy finds’.

I don’t think anyone minds if you promote them - just make sure any information you provide is accurate and that associated links are working and lead back to the right sellers shop or to the Folksy home page.

Thank you for your help.