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Plastic-free Christmas cards and decorations

We’re looking for…

  • plastic-free Christmas cards
  • plastic-free, eco-friendly Christmas decorations

to include in our guides.

If you sell your cards ‘naked’ cards or in compostable bags, or sell Christmas decorations made with recycled, reclaimed, repurposed or planet-friendly materials could you leave a link to your shop or items below please?

It would also be really helpful if you could make sure all listings mention that they are plastic-free or eco-friendly in the description.

Thank you!


All my cards come in compostible bags which I mention in the listings, do you need the specific term eco-friendly in the description?

Here’s my cards shop section and a pic of my latest Christmas range…


All of my cards and decorations are wrapped in compostable bags. My tape and stickers are recyclable too.

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All of my Christmas decorations are made from recycled/upcycled wood
Wooden Round Christmas Tree Decoration with Dov… - Folksy
Wooden Rocking Horse Christmas Tree Decoration - Folksy
Wooden Elf Christmas Decoration - Folksy
Wooden Oak Bird Christmas Decoration - Folksy
Woodturned Bell Christmas Ornament - Folksy
Unusual Wooden Angel Skiing Decoration with Gli… - Folksy
Wooden 3D Christmas Decoration - Folksy
Wooden Oak Christmas Tree and Star Ornament - Folksy
Wooden Oak Snowman Christmas Bauble - Folksy
Unique Purple and Silver Wooden Christmas Decor… - Folksy
Unique Wooden Sapele Christmas Decoration - Folksy
One of a Kind Wooden Sapele Christmas Decoratio… - Folksy
Beautiful Wooden Angel Decoration holding a Tru… - Folksy
Unique Multi-coloured Wooden Angel holding a Ca… - Folksy
Handmade Wooden Snowman Christmas Decoration - Folksy
Unique Red and Silver Wooden Christmas Decoration - Folksy
One of a Kind Purple and Silver Wooden Christma… - Folksy
Unique Wooden Christmas Bauble - Folksy


My Christmas Dex are made of glass. Glass is recycled and I use recycled packaging

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Hand sewn felt heart…


All four of my Christmas cards are protected by compostable cello bags. Here are the links:

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All of my cards are printed on recyled card with recycled envelopes and wrapped in compostable bags.
My decorations are all wrapped in compostable bags too and these below are recycled paper. :recycle: :+1 :t2:


Another 3 Christmas Tree Decorations:
Unique Wooden Snowman with a Black Hat and Scar… - Folksy
Handmade Wooden Snowman Christmas Decoration - Folksy
Unique Handmade Wooden Cat Christmas Tree Decor… - Folksy

My Christmas cards are sent ‘naked’ and I use recycled packaging. My cards are made using wool fibre, a sustainable resourse.

Christmas card, Puppy Dog wearing a Santa Hat - Folksy

Winter Fox, Needle felt wool card, Christmas Ca… - Folksy

Robin greetings card, birthday card, Christmas … - Folksy

Christmas decoration using wool fibres and reclaimed materials.

Christmas gnome Tomte Gonk, Christmas wool orn… - Folksy

Xmas Baubles - reindeer and penguin - Christma… - Folksy

Sheep Bauble, Christmas Sheep Decoration, Xmas … - Folksy

Snowman decoration, needlefelt hanging decorat… - Folksy

Christmas decorations and cards using as much up-cycled stuff as I can

4 more Christmas Tree decorations:
Unusual Wooden Snowman with a Black Hat and Sca… - Folksy
One of a Kind Handmade Wooden Snowman Christmas… - Folksy
Unique Wooden 3D Christmas Decoration - Folksy

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So glad to see this guide!

Wooden and pebble Robin decoration…

All of my Greeting Cards are wrapped in Biodegradable Cello Bags; I list one Christmas Card.

I do not use hardback envelopes either. I use my own recycled cardboard to save your parcel being damaged in the post…


I should have said that all 6" x 6" Christmas Cards have biodegradable packaging. Smaller 6" x 4" haven’t.


Wooden 3D Christmas Decoration

Unusual Wooden 3D Christmas Decoration - Folksy

These hats are made of mostly pure wool and the pom poms are acrylic…I don’t know if these count…