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Plastic free packaging for cards and prints

(Fran Watson) #1

Hi all,
I was wondering, does anyone sell cards and prints without using cellophane bags for packaging? I would really like to be able to package my items without using plastic but am not sure how to protect them from getting wet.
Currently I am using biodegradable corn starch bags but I’m not convinced that they are that great in the wet either (planning to run some tests - that’s the scientist in me coming out!) Also they seem to crease and rip quite easily.
So my thinking at the moment is to use some kind of wax paper wrapping. Does anyone have any experience of this or any other suggestions?

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I can’t really help with your packaging but in my area cellophane can be recycled (in our standard recycling bins no extra effort required) but waxed paper cannot (it doesn’t compost either from my own tests) so I’m not sure if waxed paper is any more environmentally friendly than cellophane if that is why you are trying to get away from it. (the wax also tends to be petroleum based rather than a natural one) Would something like this be a happy medium?

(Fran Watson) #3

Thanks, @SashaGarrett that’s really helpful. I will look into getting stuff from the place you suggested. Sounds like their bags may be of better quality than the ones I have at the minute.