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Please help, dashboard says i have made 2 sales awaiting payment?

(Nicola ) #1

Hi all
Excited to have made 2 sales according to my dashboard, it says
"these items have been purchased" it has buyers address and order details etc
but when I click on view order details for each item it says awaiting payment
what does this mean ? have they not paid, ? can they not pay when ordering, they have left delivery address etc

confused. Thanks all

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Have you checked your paypal account to see if they’ve paid.

They might be having problems paying.

If there’s no transaction information in your paypal account you can then send the both a nice.

Thank you for ordering from my shop itemmm… If you are having problems with paying please feel free to contact myself and let me know what problems you are encountering.

or something along those lines.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #3

I would check PayPal
They could of sent an e-cheque Wich takes longer to clear.
Or do what Eileen says send them a message.
I had something like that happen on,a different site but it was cos of the cheque they sent via PayPal.

Have you managed to sort it?

(Roz) #4

For some reason that I still haven’t worked out paypal never tells folksy when I have been paid and I always have to check my paypal account for payment. If you see payment in your paypal account you can then manually mark your order as paid and send the item. Never assume payment has arrived - always check :smile:

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #5

It is always good to check.

(Christine Shephard) #6

It means the buyers have confirmed the orders but have not paid or been able to pay for it, either because they changed their minds or had problems with the paypal checkout process. I would advise sending a short email thanking them for their order and explaining that as soon as you receive payment you will ship the items. Check your paypal account first though in case it is there, but you would normally receive 2 emails when payment is received - one from Folksy and one from Paypal, so it seems unlikely they have paid.

Check your paypal settings to make sure everything is set up correctly for credit card payments etc, as this sometimes causes a problem. Try to establish with the buyers what happened if there was a problem, as this can help admin if there’s a Folksy problem.

If they still have problems paying, you can send them a paypal invoice yourself and mark the order as paid. If they don’t want the items, you can delete the orders and your fees will be refunded.

Hope you resolve it.

(Joy Salt) #7

This happens quite often to me. I had an order this week for 4 pieces but customer came out of the order after entering her address details as she wanted to pay by credit card. Then she didn’t know how to get back in / make the payment.
I sent her an email asking if she realised she hadn’t completed the order and reassuring her I would be refunding her for combined postage as soon as the payment came through. This crossed with one from her asking for help - but it was sent via my website address as she’d lost me on Folksy when she came out of the order.
We agreed that cheque payment was easiest all round.
Suncatchers have now been sent to her and cheque will arrive shortly and I’ll then mark the order as paid (And yes I am a trusting soul to post before payment but nobody has ever let me down yet).

So please email the customer advising them that the payment has not been made and asking if they would like assistance. If they think they’ve paid and you don’t then send it you lose your customer which would be very sad…

PS: I looked out my ‘standard’ email I send when I don’t get payment straight away - I usually send after a couple of hours.

Thank you very much for your order from Folksy.

When I sell something on Folksy I should get 3 emails.
1 as below - notifying me of the order and then another two, one from Folksy and one from Paypal to tell me the payment has come through.
I’ve only had the first and the order is showing awaiting payment on Folksy.

This often means you will have had a problem with the Paypal payment but also that you may not realise as sometimes the Folksy / Paypal link drops out without you knowing.

Normally you would receive an email from Folksy when you did the order and within that email there would be a link to let you back in to make the Paypal payment - the link is valid for 24 hours.

You should be able to get back in using the link to make the payment

If you can’t do that then the easiest thing is for me to send you a Paypal invoice which you can pay against and I’ll then mark the Folksy order as paid.
Sorry to give you hassle but the Paypal problem does happen every now and then unfortunately - which is why I know how to sort it out

(Leanne Woods) #8

It’s also worth a quick check on your dashboard to make sure you’ve typed your paypal email address in correctly when setting up your shop on folksy, it’s so easy to mistype something by accident … a stray comma instead of a full stop for instance.

I only mention it because it happens surprisingly often and as these are your first two sales you don’t have any previously problem free sales to know that everything was working beforehand.

Not that two unpaid sales to two different people at the same time doesn’t happen but it’s worth double checking the simplest thing that could have gone wrong first before emailing the customers.


(Joy Salt) #9

The other thing which causes problems is when the customer mistypes their email address. I spot this when i email them using the address provided and it bounces. Now if they do this and fail to pay for whatever reason, they will not get the Folksy email with the payment link so will not be able to get back in to pay.
Have had a couple like this but fortunately have been able to work out the correction to the email address.
PS I’m not sure she was saying that there were orders for 2 different customers - I read it as one customer, 2 things.

(Leanne Woods) #10

There would only be one ‘view order details’ button for a multi item purchase so being able to check the order details on both items would mean two orders, two customers or I suppose it could be one confused customer ordering two items separately.


(Joy Salt) #11

PS: Handy that I’d copied my standard response email above - just had to send it to someone. Order for a suncatcher at 7.45am but only one email, the order. Payment not appeared. It does happen quite a lot really.

(Nicola ) #12

Hi , thank you everyone one for your answers ,very helpful, I contacted buyer politely, and we managed to re do the order , and all went through fine this time xx

(Joy Salt) #13


(Hobbitgirlie1880) #14

I’m happy to hear you sorted it.

(Joy Salt) #15

PS: Of my 2 ‘unpaid’ orders in the last 7 days :
1 = cheque received by return along with a very lovely thank you note - order marked now as paid / despatched
2 = no response from buyer, order cancelled, suncatcher returned to stock - (this doesn’t happen often fortunately)