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Plus Account - GoCardless Direct Debit

(Ann Hall) #1

I wonder if anyone can help.
I have a Plus Account the payment for which went through as a GoCardless direct debit last year. I’ve just changed my bank account and am trawling through setting up new direct debits at my new account and GoCardless is the last one for me to move across.
Does anyone know if this is a continuous payment year on year, or whether, if I delete this mandate at my old bank, will | be given the option to enter my (new) bank details when I renew my Plus? I’ve checked through my Folksy shop and profile, and bank details aren’t included anywhere that I can see.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

They don’t set up a DD for it. Instead they send you an email letting you know your plus account is ending and asking you if you wish to renew. It’s not an automatic withdraw.