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Plus Account suspended

Furious to find that my Plus account has been suspended although I have a direct debit set up for the annual payment! Has this happened to anyone else? When so many agonise over whether to renew, why make life difficult for those who just want to do it?

Have you contacted support to ask why? It may just be a gremlin in the system.

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There is no automatic renewal of the Plus account. The direct debit you set up was for a single payment. If you want to renew, you have to initiate another direct debit for this year.


Yes, that was my understanding too.
Mine is due again shortly.


Have to agree - I’m sure payment isn’t automatic


Thank you folks, you are quite right. I thought the payment went through automatically last year but maybe not. It seems that GoCardless have a direct debit set up so it appears on the bank records as an annual payment but we still have to instigate it ourselves? It’s all explained on their FAQ page Anyway it’s all up and running again now and Folksy support have kindly offered to refund any listing fees. Thanks for your help!


Can I just say what a lovely thing for Folksy to have done for you.


One of the really nice things about Folksy is that you are dealing with people not alogarythms (if that’s how you spell it??) I get increasilngly frustrated with all the automatic call systems we have to deal with, so it’s wonderful to deal with a human - how do you all feel about this?


My husband spotted when checking the bank account that as well as the recent direct debit for my Plus account, there was another direct debit which was set up for last year’s. Obviously not used since last year’s payment but not really something you want cluttering up your bank account.

I told him to delete it.

May be worth checking your bank accounts to remove the direct debits which Gocardless sets up once your payment has gone through.

That’s very strange as it only shows on my accounts on the date it was paid. It’s the permant record that you’ll required to keep for 7years at least for account purposes.

I did the same with mine Joy - in my online banking I can see a list of all the direct debits that have been set up. Even when they have expired or are no longer in use, they still stay on the list, so I have a clear out every now and then and remove the ones that are no longer in use.

Eileen - the statement shows the amount charged for tax purposes, so the direct debit mandate can be removed without any problem.

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I don’t have any thing removed as I have written paper printouts from my bank for my files. I don’t do online banking.

I’ve had to use them in the past before now as well.