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Plus or not?

(Karen McPherson) #1

The purpose of my shop is to raise money for a charity through selling jewellery. I make maybe 2 or 3 items a week, more if i have time.

Is it worth my while upgrading to plus?

I just seem to be paying more money than i end up donating and am looking for suggestions on how i could balance that up.

I don’t want to put my prices up as i don’t feel i would get any sales.


Karen xx

(Jo Sara) #2

If you are only listing 2-3 items a week, and each listing costs you 18p incl. VAT to add, you’re only paying just over £28 in listing fees. Is the Plus account still £45 for a year?

Not sure what else you get out of Plus now to make it worth the extra. The constant relisting to be seen isn’t necessary anymore because of the improved search, so unlimited relisting that you get with Plus isn’t a selling point now.

I think Plus is only really useful for people who have a high volume of items, like supplies sellers. But there may be some benefit that I’m missing, and I’m sure a Plus seller will be along to add it if there is :smile:


Edit - Just looked at your shop to see if your prices are good. I’m afraid I can’t help with jewellery. As long as you’re covering your supplies, a bit for your time (if you want) and a bit more for the charity (or this including your time money if that’s how you’re working), then you’ll have found the right price. If things start selling well you can always top your prices up a bit.

(Liz Dyson) #3

I agree with Jo. My shop is running a little low at 275 items in stock so the Plus works for me but at only 2-3 items per week you would probably be better off as you are. As for further benefits of the Plus account, I don’t know if there are any, I thought it was just a cheaper way of listing.

Good luck with your shop.


(Karen McPherson) #4

Thanks ladies for your replies. Maybe I’ll wait a bit longer and see what happens.

Regarding my prices, I’m just looking to cover cost of supplies. Everything else goes to the Charity.

I’m just sort of starting out with this and its trial and error I think :slight_smile:

Karen xx

(Stephanie Guy) #5

I’m a prolific artist and list 2 to 3 new items almost everyday, so the plus account is definitely worth it for me. Also, I have found that I have sold things that I might not otherwise have put in my shop if I had to pay each time.

I think relisting is still worth while - there are an awful lot of jewellery sellers on folksy, and whilst the search engine is vastly improved I suspect it still orders the results in terms of listed most recently first. I don’t know this, just suspect it.

That said, you’d need to sell 6 pieces at £7 each just to make back your listing fee, and that excludes your production costs and paypal fees.

(Organized Chaos) #6

I have about 200 items on sale and I do still use ‘re-listing’. But I also use Plus to showcase pieces seasonally, Christmas, Valentine’s Day etc. If you’re making items to sell for charity you’ll want to keep costs down but once you’ve got more items up for sale you might want to think about using Plus.