Posting images that link to an item page

Not clickable again. and this time no pic. When I click Copy url thing nothing changes. help google chrome

Let’s give this a go

OK image is in but not clickable - now what?

2nd attempt

OK, I just give up, sorry this is all too much for me. Looks like I’ll be leaving the forums then.

I’m on about 3 goes and am about to give up. I can’t find anything else to copy and paste. Good luck

Come on Liz . we can do this!

Are you using the :

  • upload button
  • From the Web
  • Show More
    copy paste into the two boxes:
  1. the image url
  2. the listing url
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OK, Apryl, I’ll try again

Where do i find an upload button?

Above the text as you comment. Its the 7 along as I see it now (CTRL G also works)

Fingers crossed

Well, that’s half worked. Thanks Joy, but why have a got half the code still showing?


(Oops can’t just have a star - it asked me to be more descriptive - so Big Star :star:

You’re getting further than me. I have the upload button now but only one box.

Sometimes if you have a couple of goes it leaves old bits behind. The edit button is pretty good to removing spurious bits later I find !!

Don’t forget to click on the show more button in the bottom right, Apryl.

Use the WEB option then SHOW MORE bottom right of the box

PS: It’s not that I’m better at this than you, just that I’ve had longer to practice :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your help. You wouldn’t believe it but I’m the computer teacher at school!

OMG! I did it!

google chrome has an extra step — open image in new tab.