Posting images that link to an item page

Update: You can now simply post a link to your listing page on Folksy (e.g. and a preview of your item (image + description with clickable link) will automatically appear like this:

Posting images

If you still want to post an image, you can! Here's how:

Please note: This looks really complicated when it’s written down in such detail, but I promise it isn’t - just take your time to read the instructions carefully. If there’s anything that doesn’t make sense, do ask for help!

On these forums, you can post images that point to a web address

This is really useful if you want people to see your item listing page when they click on an image.

To do this, click the upload (‘Add an image’) icon when you compose your post:

This opens the ‘Add an image’ panel:

Select ‘From the web’ (1) and paste the image URL* in the box alongside that option (2).

  • You will need to copy the image URL/address that you want to use. To do this, open a new tab in your browser and open your listing page in that tab. Right click on the main image and select ‘Copy image URL’ (depending on your browser, this option might be ‘Copy image location’, ‘Copy image address’ or simply ‘Copy’). This copies the image address to your clipboard. If you are using an iPad, touch and hold the image and select ‘Copy’. Keep this second tab open as you’ll need it later

Switch back to your original tab where you should still have the forum page with the add image panel open in the composer. Click on ‘Show more’ (Labelled 3 in the image above) and you will see a box to enter the link you want to point your image to (4).

Paste the link to your listing page* into the ‘link your image will point to’ box (4) and click on upload (5). You will see the preview of the image in the preview panel to the right of the post composer.

  • You will need to copy and paste the listing URL/address that you want to open when the image is clicked. To do this, go to the listing page in the second tab that you opened earlier, select the entire address from the address bar at the top of your browser and copy (right click and copy, or CTRL+V)

Click the reply button at the bottom of the post composer to publish when you are happy with your post.

If you make any mistakes, use the edit (pencil) icon at the bottom of your post to make changes.



Ohhh that’s a brilliant feature. I can’t wait to try that out :grinning:


Clickable image test :slight_smile:

Will this Folksy image be clickable ?

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: brilliant

:clap: This makes me so happy



(i love that we can scroll back up through the message thread, while in the middle of typing our replies. i have had to go up and re-read the instruction several times!)

…nope! still can’t get it to work…! *head-desk

i give up, i’ve tried everything, including turning my brain off and on again.


OK that seems to work and is better than the current situation, but still isn’t as easy as Etsy where you just paste the URL and it picks up the image. Is it possible to have it do that bit for us?

You just need to paste the link to your listing in the ‘enter the link you want your image to point to’ box

No sorry. You can just paste the image link with the link to the item underneath though

…sorted! thanks @SianFolksy! x
(i hadn’t put both links in…doh!)



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Great that was nice and easy !

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Just testing…Yes, that’s me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sian, Is there a size limit to the imported image?

And… as you are Treat Captain do we get ‘dress down Friday’ and a pizza delivery?
(In our case it will have to be a dress - up Friday, usual attire belongs in a charity shop) :blush:

Yes, max image size is 2048 KB
Max attachment size is 1024 KB (presumably any other type of file, not tested this!)

Depends how good you’ve been :wink:

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Haven’t quite sussed this yet…just trying again…

(image removed as I bogged it up :stuck_out_tongue: )

Sorry, not quite right - just the image but not clickable…trying again :stuck_out_tongue:

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Copying image…Testing.

This is a great idea!!