Problem with reviews?

I haven’t received any reviews on any of my items sold in the last 2 months and I was just wondering if there is a problem again, or are more people just not leaving reviews?
I know there was an issue once before with customers not getting the email with the link and wondered if it was happening again. I also know from other threads on the forum that some people have had problems leaving reviews.
Any one else having issues?
@folksycontent is there a problem?

I’ll have a look into it for you Kim.

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I have had problems leaving reviews. I thought it was because you couldn’t leave reviews from an Android phone, then it worked! But then it didn’t again…Definitely something awry.

Thank you Camilla @folksycontent

This issue is now driving me a bit mad! Again, I can’t leave a review from my phone (although a few days ago - I could and previous to that, I couldn’t - on repeat!). Because I also have a shop, I know how important reviews are, so I will persist until I am able to leave one but if I was an ordinary customer, I would have given up by now. Please sort this issue out Folksy! It could be damaging our shops.

Hello, yes I have had about 5 people I know about who haven’t been able to leave reviews and most of them never got an e mail with link. Have written to Folksy, to inform them, lets hooe it gets looked into…

Any luck Camilla @folksycontent ?
Judging from other comment here, there seem to be a few customers who aren’t able to leave reviews… :roll_eyes:

Not yet, sorry Kim. Doug is looking into it but hasn’t reported back to me yet. I will let you know here as soon as he does.

I’ve had a couple of reviews from sales and have been able to leave one fine (got the Folksy email that is sent a bit later on).

Thanks @SulikoSoul it looks like it isn’t affecting everyone.
I’m struggling with motivation at the moment so it’s bugging me more than it normally would I think. A nice review is always bit of a boost and when I saw comments that some are having problems leaving reviews it seemed like there is an issue for some.

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If it’s any consolation I’m having massive problems seeing the Leave a Review button/link under the Reviews section. It’s frustrating as I want to leave reviews but can’t. I think it might be some problem with my browser, and it’s my bet others will be having the same issues. I’m going to change my browser from Google Chrome to Firefox and see if that helps,

I’m wondering if there is a problem with reviews again…I haven’t received any reviews for items purchased in May. I sold 6 items during that month and would normally get reviews on at least a couple of them.
Any ideas @folksycontent ?

I’ll ask for you Kim.

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Can anyone tell me how I can edit a review once it’s been placed please?

Hi @Boristhecat I don’t think it is possible to alter views once they have been placed however if you email I’m sure they can do this for you.

Thank you for the advice