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Quidco working with the other side

(Oh Button Me) #1

I’ve just received a email saying the quidco is working with the other side and offering cashback on purchases.

I love using quidco (when I remember)

Did others know this was now happening?

(Sasha Garrett) #2

How do these cash back websites work? By which I mean how is the ‘cash’ paid back? I buy rocks using etsy and the 2% cash back until the end of the year (which is what the offer appears to be) would be good.

(Oh Button Me) #3

@SashaGarrett I use quidco so just go to there site and sign up. When you want to buy something search for the site and click on it and it should hopefully track your order. Then it will send you the cash back via PayPal or your bank.

I hope this helps :confused::grin:

(Nykie) #4

You have to buy through Quidco, by which I mean click the link which takes you through to the website. Then stay on that tab until you’ve purchased. I use Quidco for loads of things and it’s great.

(Sasha Garrett) #5

Any ideas if shop discount codes work with quidco? The last order I put in on etsy I had a 20% discount code for the shop.

(Jo Sara) #6

Can’t see why not, it’s just like Nectar. You have to search for the site you want to buy from on the cashback site and click through from there so it knows you’re purchasing and it can link the final payment with your account and work out your cashback.How you get to that final payment shouldn’t make any difference, so discount codes should be fine.

(Nykie) #7

I don’t think discount codes work with Quidco actually, in general. It’s cashback or discount usually. Etsy codes may be different and it’s worth a try.