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Recent offer to buy a payment terminal

(Felt Inspired Uk) #1

Have I imagined it, but was there recently a reduced price offer to buy a payment terminal via Folksy, to enable me to take card payments at craft fairs. But now I can’t find it, any pointers?

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I too remember recently seeing an offer to get £20 off the latest sumup machine but having had a sumup machine which they stopped supporting (with no emailed warnings to tell us this was going to happen) when they bought out a new version I won’t recommend them. I now have an iZettle pro machine - you can currently get the lite version for free and if you sign up using my referal link (and using it to take a payment in the next 30 days) we both get £20 off our transaction fees (which equates to about £725 of card payments each being processed for free).
The fees are slightly higher than sumup so please make sure that you would be happy with iZettle and check that it will work with your phone/ tablet. I love my iZettle and wouldn’t be without it.
Alternatively the sumup offer can be found here

Hope that’s helpful to you.

(Red Shed) #3

I would also love to hear if anyone has bought one of these. My daughter has a craft fair coming up and needs to sort a payment card reader out.

(Kirsty Halsey) #4

I also have an izettle and love it! I have a link for the £20 off fees here if anyone else wants to sign up and use within 30days

(Felt Inspired Uk) #5

Thank you for the feedback, I shall look at both products today. Much appreciated. Regards Roseanne

(Minerva) #6

I haven’t used that kind of product before…but I would go for a company that provides quick customer service on the weekends. Just in case, you need to help customers waiting in line.

(Amberlilly) #7

The fair I was at last week had loads of stallholders with their iZettle.