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Relist ?

(Jane Ellen Munro) #1


Can anyone tell me why three of my listing have ‘relist’ printed on them? They are not due to be re-listed until October as far as I can see.

Thank you.

(Christine Shephard) #2

Hi Jane, I think it just highlights the 3 items with the nearest expiry dates, as a reminder. You can ignore them if they don’t expire soon, or if you don’t want to relist them. It will even show sold items that are due to expire, so don’t be surprised to see that too!

(Jane Ellen Munro) #3

Thanks Christine. :smile:

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #4

Yes, the system just picks the three items closest to their expiry. As Christine says, it even tells you about sold items (also “hidden” items) that are about to expire.
Frankly, I pay no attention to the “About to Expire” warnings, as they are not much help. For people with a lot of stock (eg. those selling craft supplies etc), or lots of one-off-item sales, it must really clog up their in-boxes with useless notifications.
I did raise this with Folksy, ages ago - on the “old” forum - as an issue that needed to be addressed, but it was never dealt with.
Probably much better to keep an eye on your items that are currently listed and deal with re-listing those that will soon expire, as a regular task; the Folksy system can’t be relied on - you’ll end up trying to re-list stuff you don’t have in stock.

(Jane Ellen Munro) #5

Thanks Lizzie.