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Scam email - Love your artwork

(Bek Cruddace) #1

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else had received this email from another folksy member called Danny Mckee (

This person (if they are actually a real person) sent me this a few weeks ago (been meaning to mention it, but you know how it is :smile:)


You have received the following message from dannymckee.
To respond, simply reply to this email and your message will be sent
directly to the sender’s email address:

Please note that by replying to the message, your email address will be shared with the recipient. More information.

Love your artwork!

Message from item page:


Dan McKee here, head of marketing over at DPM Promotions. I’m
contacting you because your artwork is beautiful, and we’d really like
the opportunity to feature your art on our Twitter page Artsy World-

These features are only $8 each, and we only have 11 spots left, so
if interested, fill this form out and pay by visiting

Thanks for your time and keep creating!



Sounds scammy to me, afterall no respectable business person uses a yahoo email account :smile: Even if it isn’t a scam it’s not exactly the best offer I’ve ever received.

Anyone else received this ?


(Dawn Sneesby) #2

Am I missing something, what is wrong with having a yahoo email address?

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(Hobbitgirlie1880) #3

I had one from a blogger today asking me to send her a free sample of my work and she chose my bunny button charm bracelet.
I have ignored and deleted it.
Can’t remember all the details just thought what a cheek

(Kam) #4

No I haven’t received anything like that, but it does sound a bit dodgy! I’ve just searched the company name and I haven’t seen anything that resembles this company or the contact details! And especially as they seem to ask for payment details!
Nothing wrong with a yahoo address @dawnsneesbyjewellery, however I would personally expect a company to have a company email not a generic one if that makes sense?

(Kam) #5

That is really cheeky!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

oh dear it’s that time again when the bloggers and twitter accounts, intragram blogs etc etc are out promising great advertising for either one of your items or money.

Don’t get conned by any of these and report them to admin.

They tend to target newer accounts with what appears to be a wonderful opportunity for more exposure when really what are they going to truly offer. A odd twitter or call out to their 100 followers who probably arn’t even your target market.

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(Little Black Heart) #7

yes, i had the same message from danny mckee a few weeks back.
i just deleted and ignored, as per usual :slight_smile:

(Tina Martin) #9

Yes, I recieved this same email, I ignored it. Like you I think it’s either a scam or a poor offer! :unamused:

Tina :smile:

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #10

That’s the name I had contact me.

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #11

I was contacted by them too but didn’t take much notice.

(Bek Cruddace) #12

Hi Dawn,

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a Yahoo email address, or any other web-based email (I favour gmail for anything personal, shopping etc :smile:) . The point I was making is that you wouldn’t use a web-based email address for your business, you’d use an email account with your own domain name eg info@, hello@. It looks more professional.

(Bek Cruddace) #13

Yes, that is a massive cheek :smile:

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(Camilla) #14

Hi Bek. Could you report this email and any other potential spam or scammers to - that helps us deal with add and delete any spam accounts. Thank you!

(Dawn Sneesby) #15

Hi Bek,

Thanks for explaining, afraid I’m not very computer savvy.

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(Bek Cruddace) #16

Yes, I’ll do that now.

(Helen McCartney Designs) #17

I got the email as well and reported it at the time, as i thought that we were supposed to do so when we got emails along those lines, as I would assume that they would be classed as spam.
I think I will probably just delete them in the future.

(Camilla) #18

That’s perfect. Thank you Helen. We have contacted the sender now.

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(Helen McCartney Designs) #19

I did receive a reply about it from Folksy at the time Camilla. I’m really glad that Bek has put up this post so thankfully something will be done about it now. :smile:

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