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How do we report possible malware being sent through Folksy messages? please

Hi, I set up a shop here on Folksy about 2 months ago and since then nothing has happened, not that that is my issue. I just got a message which looks entirely official and which is from a “Buyer” unhappy that I have never sent their order despite them apparently paying through PayPal some time ago. I have never relied any notification of a sale here, not from Folksy or from Paypal and there are no sales in my shop stats. The message contained a link which I STUPIDLY pressed and it tried to download something which I quickly blocked Fingers crossed I was quick enough). How do we report stuff like this and who to?

I’ve just had one of those! Sure it’s spam. Just came on here to see if anyone else had had the same.

I think I have the same thing. All my shop items have expired, so I don’t see how they could have bought anything! The name given is lywilcove. I opened the email but didn’t click on any links and have deleted it now. Hope that is enough.

I’ve just had the same message, forwards the message to folksy support

I’ve just had this too :rage:

I just got the same E-mail, but luckily I did not click the link. Obviously something new doing the rounds. I have deleted my e-mail and not replied to it. @Folksyadmin need to be made aware of this as well

Sam x

Here’s the Folksy link on how to report

Sam x

Yep I just got one of those and I checked in my orders first as I knew that I had not received anything recently - so who do we report this to?

I just received a similar message. I came here first too before clicking any links. I’ll forward it to and hopefully they will be able to block/delete the account.

Thanks Sam - I report it now
Cherie :slight_smile:

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Same as everyone else have I just received this message via folksy email and came on here for clarification. The name given was 'biotrabanrau81’
Will forward it to folksy support as suggested.

Another here, with a different user name :frowning:

Me too! A few minutes ago! Sounded dodgy. Folksyhour last night mentioned forum usefulness so I thought o ho this is a forum moment.

And I am instantly reassured, thank you all :kissing_heart:

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Me too, from a buyer calling themselves ‘quistewelrin’

I’ve forwarded to folksy support and deleted it.

I have had one too with a different user name. Have forwarded it to support and deleted.

Yes I have had one the same name as the above. I also came on the forums to check, as I thought it was dodgy.

For once I got it too, usually I feel very left out! They are bombarding sellers, it arrived in the time it took to drive home from school. The English is appalling in it, always a simple giveaway. I won’t bother to report the same person if dozens of you already have.

I have just emailed customer support, I recieved this but didnt click on the link

yep - I’ve just had the same email. You can usually spot these by the poor grammar.

I have had the same message but was suspicious when the sender referred to ordering ‘stuff’!
Just delete - usual poorly written spam.