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Scottish Independence

(Christine Shephard) #1

I wonder whether Folksy will make an exception to their UK-only rule if Scotland votes for independence. It would be a shame to lose our talented makers in Scotland. Any views from those north of the border?

(Minerva) #2

Well, I would definitely like to stay! :smile:

I’ve wondered about what Folksy’s position will be on this. For shops that are already here and those that might want to sign up after the voting…IF Scotland becomes independent.

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I raised this question quite a long time back but no-one seemed to be that interested. I think it could have huge repercussions and would hate to lose our Scottish makers if they stop being part of the UK.

(Margaret Jackson) #4

It’s a big IF! Let’s hope they stay with us then we don’t have to worry about it! :smile:

(Minerva) #5

I remember you did and I replied but maybe not many people saw the topic or it was too early to think about it. Well, it is around the corner now…

(Karen McPherson) #6

I would definitely like to stay with folksy if we get our independence.

Hope they will allow us :blush:

(Shirley Woosey) #7

There are going to be a whole load of hurdles to get over if Scotland leaves the UK!

Postage for one - they will then be a foreign country - so will the postage charge be the same as for Ireland (non UK) which is European Airmail cost? Even though Northern Ireland (UK) is just normal UK postage.

Import and export - Customs duty may be chargeable on goods we send to Scotland and on goods we buy from Scotland.

As I understand it Scotland will not be in the EU to start with. So we will have to fill out CN22’s for their parcels.

I holiday in Scotland, twice a year usually, and I take all my stock with me to post out while I am away. Don’t want to think about declaring it to Customs each way when going across the border. Or having to change my shipping costs when I post from Scotland.

My Harris Tweed comes from Scotland and I don’t want to have to pay Customs on it!

It will be a big nightmare for so many businesses, big and small alike.

I for one hope they don’t leave us. Together we are all stronger.

Scotland we love you! Please don’t leave us!

Maybe we should change the Category to Shop Talk Christine @ciesse and Margaret @Louisa15 ?
That way we might get more opinions.

Shirley x

(Christine Shephard) #8

I’ve edited the category Shirley - originally I didn’t put it in shop talk, as it was just a general question, but you’ve raised some good ‘shop’ points in your reply.

(Sally Lucas) #9

I was preparing to give a full and lengthy reply. However, I am concerned about what will happen post 18th September and this is a public forum.

Scotland is my home and will remain so regardless of politics.

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #10

I don’t think there is as much need to panic over independence as we think with regards to postage and currency. The currency will be the pound regardless of what Westminster says and the Royal Mail is still going to be here too so I would assume postage will be about the same, costs would only really go up if customs borders were put in place (which I’m led to believe they wont). I like the community in Folksy and as there are so many of us Scots and Scotland based users on the site something will change with the terms of use to allow Scotland to keep using the site to sell.

(Sally Lucas) #11

“we think” just about sums up the campaign Louise. This is an irreversible vote and way too risky when so few key issues have been thought through or costed.

(Shirley Woosey) #12

This is the answer on Scotreferendum .com about postal services.

It doesn’t actually answer questions as far as I can see, and is a typical political evasive answer.

It does not say if Scottish citizens will have to pay overseas rates to post to England, NI and Wales.
Nor does it say if the UK will have to pay overseas rates to post to Scotland.

As Sally at @LifeCovers says there are too many unanswered questions for something which is irreversible.

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #13

I’ve sent an e-mail with the questions everyone has raised on this subject to see if we can get a clearer answer. Everything I have read so far (or what I’m taking from what I’ve read) points to most things brought up wont change much. I’m new to selling so I hadn’t thought about the referendum from that point of view before, I’m voting on the pro’s and con’s of what it means for my family more than anything else, I know a lot of people make their living on here so it is a bigger issue for those that do.

Once I get a response I’ll post it here hoping that it will answer more questions

(Minerva) #14

I’m actually thinking more about the currency, EU membership or not, healthcare, pensions, benefits…so much to consider…being on Folksy or not is a big issue too as this is one of my main shops and I would be in a difficult situation if I have to close it. I would really like to have a shop in a UK based and well established site.

(Christine Shephard) #15

It does seem that unbiased opinions and information are hard to find, so I don’t envy those in Scotland having to make such a big decision. My brother lives there with his family (he’s been there for longer than he lived in England) but is voting more with his head than his heart, I suppose, and is seriously considering moving back whatever the outcome. My niece was asking about Folksy, and raised this question when I said it was for UK sellers only - I hadn’t thought about it until then.

(Ms Cup Cake) #16

Let’s hope it’s a big fat “NO” then! Avoid all these issues.

(Wishesonthe Wind) #17

I think the main question is, If Scotland does get independence what are the implications here on folksy for Scottish shops? if any? As mentioned Folksy is known as the place for British Craft. Will it be referred to as British and Scottish craft? British Isles Crafts, (yes we will still be part of the British Isles!!) Or will Folksy just chuck us, Come on, I cant imagine the latter!!!

As for the pound I believe firmly we will keep it and no need to worry about customs etc… I have my doubts this will be the case. I just cant see post treated as International post. Post could be treated like An post in Ireland which is a great service. or treated like post in the Channel Islands where mailing is cheaper again. Online trade is just too big a business to put under any sort of threat… In Fife alone it is huge business, Amazon is here!!! cant naff them off for one!!! It would take years to get any sort of mail service up and running if Scotland does go indpendent. Reason…

I really think there is absolutely no need to panic!!! and after all sad to say It just might not happen:(

One thing I am concerned about unrelated to this topic is my dwindling sales on folksy, less than one third compared to this time last year!! Now that personally is something to panic about!!!

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #18

Awww! I so hope Scotland stay In! I have some realy good customers there and I think it would be such a pity if they don’t love us any more! BooHoooo!!!

(Wishesonthe Wind) #19

Just because Scotland fancies independence doesn’t mean we don’t like England!! Or English people, English shops, pubs, clubs all things English!! I stayed in England for 10 years, I could still have or dream of!! independence and have English friends.
No one will think any less of England!!!
You will still have Scottish customers, followers, and friends too!! We would not be abandoning you or anyone!!

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #20

I’ve gotten a reply to my question about small businesses and it does suggest that very little will change

Dear Ms Shaw

Thank you for your enquiry of 14 August about the impact of independence on small business owners selling from and to Scotland.

As a member of the EU, Scotland would continue to be part of the Single Market and there would be no import or export duties between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

On the issue of postal charges between Scotland and England, Scotland’s Future page 537 sets out the following Q&A:

“Will the price for stamps be higher in an independent Scotland than in the rest of the UK?
On independence, stamp prices will be the same as they are at the time in the rest of the UK. A Scottish postal service in public ownership would not need to generate profits for shareholders and so should be in a better position to ensure that postal prices and deliveries meet Scotland’s needs. This applies to sending post and parcels within Scotland, to the rest of the UK and to other countries.
We know that many people and businesses will continue to send post and parcels outside Scotland and it is our intention that postal charges to the rest of the UK will not be more expensive than charges to send post within Scotland.”

You may also be interested to know that the Scottish Government has worked with stakeholders to develop a statement of principles for parcel deliveries which sets out best practice as to how retailers can ensure their delivery services meet the needs of their customers (link below). This was launched by Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism on 29 November 2013. Principles have subsequently been adopted by UK Government.