Search not working

Is anyone else having issues when searching for items? No matter what i put on the search field it doesn’t bring anything up

Just tried doing a search and not working for me either, I guess there is a problem

Thanks for letting us know, we’ve now found the problem and fixed it, although it may take a little more time for the task to complete and every item to show in the results, so don’t worry if something of yours isn’t showing just yet. It’ll be back soon (within a couple of hours).

Luckily I spotted this thread fairly quickly, but if something this important completely stops working, please can someone email (or even as sometimes it could take days for us to see a thread in the forum, and we wouldn’t want such an important feature of the site to not be working for that long.


Search has been bringing relative things up for me today but the price filter isn’t working (don’t know about the other filters)

I just randomly searched for cow with high price filter set and it gave me cows in that price band. I changed lower price and got lots of other cheaper ones.
Seems fine to me :grinning:

My search for Buttons came up with reams of the same seller. Haven’t they sorted this issue yet?

There is a different thread about wanting more variety in results and there you will find an interesting discussion about the various pros and cons and implications of various suggestions to address it, which is why ‘they’ are not able to just ’ sort this’ quickly.

This thread is about whether the search actually brings up items you search for. If you searched for Buttons, and you got buttons, then the search is working.

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