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Send item before payment?

(Kim Blythe) #1

I have an item that has been bought but not paid for yet…states ‘awaiting payment’. I have sent the buyer an email asking if there is a problem etc.
Having never made a purchase from Folksy before I decided it was time I did, so at least I know the process that buyers have to go through, and how easy it is to think you have paid when you haven’t! Everything seemed pretty straight forward…until I logged in to Paypal and it asked me if I want to examine the goods before paying. Payment would be taken 14 days later! To say yes to this was a big orange button, to say No was a smaller grey button…easy to hit the yes button if you are not reading it properly, thinking you are saying yes to payment. Obviously I hit the no button. I pay online via Paypal quite a lot and have never been asked this before…is it something Folksy has put on there?..if so, am I obliged to send the goods out when they have selected to ‘examine goods before payment’?..yet my receipt from Folksy for my purchase clearly states my goods will be despatched 3 days AFTER PAYMENT and that if I hadn’t paid to go back in to the sale to pay.Maybe @sianfolksy could clarify?


(Sasha Garrett) #2

I’d never send an item out before I had recieved payment.
I have previously sent someone money which they recieved almost immediately but I didn’t have enough funds in my paypal account and they didn’t charge my bank account until the end of the month. So maybe the ‘pay later’ option is like that - paypal send the money on your behalf so that the seller gets it and you then pay paypal later once you have recieved the goods. Not sure what the benefit of doing it like this is though.

(Roz) #3

I am not 100% sure but I think there is an option in Paypal to set your account up so your customers don’t pay until after they have received the goods. I think the protection is still the same just means you don’t need to issue a refund if goods are returned - think the return conditions remain the same. I know my account was set up like that by mistake for a while but I have since gone back to immediate payment. I have also bought from sellers that have this option.

(Leslie Morton) #4

Paypal has an option for some people to purchase now and they take the payment in 14 days. The seller is paid immediately. I use it although some platforms will not let this happen, for example Amazon. There, the Paypal payment is taken immediately from the buyer’s account.

I believe they set this up to allow purchasers an easier process for NAD and Non Delivery situations. They do say that most items should be received by the 14 days. Purchasers can opt out of payment after delivery but I don’t believe they offer these terms to all. I know my husband’s Paypal account does not give him that option but mine does - probably because I am shopoholic.

(Deborah Jones) #5

Like Leslie above said this has been available for quite a while.
As a seller it makes no difference, you get paid as usual and it will say paid on Folksy.You would not be aware if your customers had used this option.
If on Folksy it says waiting for payment it probably means exactly that ,but it is worth checking your paypal account before contacting the customer - as there is sometimes a time delay between notifications.

If on the other hand Paypal says the customer paid by e cheque ,payment pending - then this has to clear . Do not send out goods before you get the email saying the cheque has cleared.

(Kim Blythe) #6

Thanks everyone, the customer has now contacted me and paid for the item…so all is normal and I can post it out!