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Setting up a Facebook Business Account

Hi everyone

I’m planning on setting up a FB Business account and I read that you have to set up a personal account first. I only want to focus on the business account so can I hide or ignore the personal account? Just wandering what everyone else does who has a FB Business account.

Also, I read that you couldn’t activate your username until you had 25 followers. Is this true?

I already have a personal IG account and I note that if I upgrade it to a business account I have to set up a FB account.

Can I use my personal IG account to bypass the need for setting up a personal FB account and go straight onto setting up a FB Business account or does FB treat each completely separately?

Can I transfer my followers from my IG account to my FB Business account so I can activate my username?

As this is an online business, do I still have to add address, email and location or can I just simply use my website address?

I want to set up FB Page shopping like some of you have, but I want to drive customers directly to my folksy shop rather than customers buying via FB. can I do this and if so, do I have to have ‘X’ number of followers before I can set this up?

Sorry to ask so many questions, it’s just that FB is more complicated than IG which is so easy in comparison!!!

I would be grateful for any help and advise on this. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a while since I set up my facebook business account but there is a help section on facebook which might answer some of your questions.

Facebook Business Help Centre: Help, support and troubleshooting | Facebook Business Help Centre

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Okay yes you need a personal account to have a business account. I use both for advertising shares etc as a lot of my friends are not on my business page.

Re Instagram I think you will find that to upgrade you have to have Fb business account.

On fb you invite people to follow you it is their choice they have to agree you cannot just add them. Yes you have to have 25 followers to activate the account.

Yes you have to have an address like a website an address has to be shown by law.

I don’t use the shop facility so cannot say but think you can set up a catalogue to link to your Folksy store.


Many thanks Susan @yorkshireharecrafts, I’ve read some of the important bits which are helpful, but the more detailed info I can’t read unless I log into FB, But it’s a good start. Thank you xx

Many thanks Caronline @Caroleecrafts, that’s very helpful. Thank you xx

On Facebook you can add a shop button which you can use to link directly with your Folksy shop.

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That’s good to know Zoe @Zoknitandsew !! Thanks for that.

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Honestly I would wait a few weeks before doing anything FB business page at the moment. They are currently making a mahoooosive change… it has caught me Very nastily and left me unable to get to my business page when signed in as my normal personal page. Spent an hour on chat with FB tech last night and it has been escalated but not hopeful of any quick fix and have to go round the houses now to get to my business page… which I normally use All the time.
I found this

which I think explains that the changes they are making are very big~

The thing which will alert you if you have got this new FB version is I think a banner bottom left as you select to go to your business page or back again if you are lucky enough to be able to get there… which says something like "you are now interacting as Joysofglass!. Never seen it before Friday night and that’s when my FB world went pear shaped.
Not at all helpful as tomorrow i am off to hospital to get a new hip taking my laptop with me and planning to do some FB promotion while there… !

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Many thanks for your reply Joy @JOYSofGLASS, and thanks for the warning!! And the link!! I think I will take your advice and just monitor FB for now. I do at least have IG, so I will focus on that for the moment. :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck with your hip op, hope it goes well for you. :crossed_fingers:

I really really up to now like Facebook and it has brought great benefit to my business. I share all my makes on my business page and get lots of sales pushed through from there but this latest problem, after they have already messed lots of things up, has really frustrated me. I daresay I will get my access back but don’t guarantee it. I have a support ticket about it but will wait to see if anything develops from it… .
So I don’t want to put you off FB, I think it is a brilliant tool to drive people to your shop but just maybe not at this moment, until whatever they are rolling out has been sorted.

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Thank Joy @JOYSofGLASS. No that’s ok, it hasn’t put me off. Other people have done well with FB so that’s encouraging. What do you do with your personal FB account? do you use it or hide it? I’m not interested in using mine, I just want to focus on the Business account. Can I just ignore the personal account and use it purely for accessing the Business account?

I use my personal account exactly for that. My posts are restricted to friends only except for one thing. I have photo albums . new one every 6 months and set to public, in which I post every thing I make…no links to shops just a record of my makes. They are linked to on my own non selling joysofglass website and i actually find it very useful to see what i made when and it also gives customers a great view of what i’m currently working on. I keep these albums on my personal page because if i put them on my business page it clogs the photo feeds .
eg :slight_smile: …These are all my makes since 1st jan this year …I am busy !!

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That’s a brilliant idea @JOYSofGLASS and what a lovely collection you’ve got there!! :heart_eyes: And yes, you have been busy!!! :smiley:

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