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I’m signed up to it, but to be totally honest, I rarely read it now as it makes me feel excluded. I’ve passed 1,000 sales, and mentioned it here on the forums, but it’s never been ‘newsworthy’.

Not being a grouch - just self preservation - I feel happier not reading it, and that way I don’t feel like I’m invisible amongst all those who are celebrated :slight_smile:


Hi @DandelionsGallery - sorry I must have missed that - of course that is newsworthy! I’ve just taken over writing the seller email and we have only just started to feature these high fives in it as I want to celebrate exactly this kind of achievement. So may be worth having a look if you haven’t opened for a few weeks.

I’ve just sent out a tweet for you too!


I’m in Craftseller Magazine this month thanks to the lovely Camilla Westergaard passing on my details to Katie Nicholls who writes for them, it’s a lovely feature about making lucrative products and also features Claire Gent so double bit of Folksy seller success and could be helpful to other sellers!


Congratulations Charlotte! :wink:

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great to hear that @bycharlieshand :smile:

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Yay Charlie! And yay Claire too!


Thank you all very much!

I’m signed up and just in time to see myself in there. Thanks so much Folksy! x


Bother, I seem to have deleted the last newsletter, is there a way of finding another copy please? Rachel

You should be able to read it online wih this link @Glehcar

Thank you Hilary :smiley:

Quick question - the high fives for landmark sales, are they only for certain numbers?

Hi Roz,

The admin team get notifications for certain milestones but we’d love to celebrate all kinds of achievements in this section - so if you have good news please share it here (tag me if you can so I see it) or on Twitter etc

will be sure to tweet this and add to the newsletter - missed your post last week!


Hi @HilaryP,
I don’t know whether I’m too late or if it’s allowed to be included but I have a special offer on my shop until 27th September. 10% off when you use the code SEPT10. I’ve had a couple of things in the Favourite Finds lately and I’m oping for a sale soon.

Not sure if that was meant to be a reply to me rather than Roz?

Anyway, I’ve hit 1200 sales :slight_smile:

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Not sure if it counts but I set up my FB page last week and made 100 likes…

The dundee & Fife Courier also ran a story on me…not national press or anything but a start!


Wow that’s amazing, how did u do that? :smiley: