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Shop Activity - am I right

(Karen) #1

I am right that the shop activity function on the dashboard only shows when people favourite items or my shop, when Folksy feature one of my designs or when I get an order and that if I want to monitor day to day visits I should use Google Analytics?

(Roz) #2

Don’t think it shows when you get an order in shop activity but other than that yes I think you are right.

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(Karen) #3

Thanks again Roz - you’ve been a great help in my new Folksy adventure :0) Have a great bank holiday.

(Sasha Garrett) #4

If you go to shop stats on your dashboard (left hand side towards the top) it will show you the top 10 looked at items in your shop for the previous week and tells you how many views your items got the previous day (nb the top 10 items might not include the items that were looked at the previous day especially if you have lots in your shop). It doesn’t tell you how many people looked at your shop front or collections pages which google analytics (GA) does however GA does show up all the web bots that are crawling over your shop front which can really skew the stats. Both GA and shop stats show when you have viewed/ edited an item but you can put a filter on GA to edit out your own views (no I don’t know how to do that if you were going to ask). I’m not really a fan of either. Orders don’t show up on the shop activity tab.
Happy bank holiday.

(Karen) #5

Sasha - thanks so much, I was looking in entirely the wrong place! Whew that’s a relief - I only opened my shop this week but I was using Shop Activity and of course it showed no information because I’ve not had any favourites yet. Using Shop Views I can see 45 people have looked, which is encouraging for just a few days (and certainly more than I used to get on the other site, who’s name I won’t mention ;0)

Have a great bank holiday yourself and thanks again :0)

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