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Shop social links?

(John Stead) #1

Hi Guys

I’m new here and hope to be very active on Folksy :smile:

Whilst setting up my shop and adding a few social links I have noticed that when I click these links they replace my Folksy shop. Wouldn’t this be better if they opened up in a new browser tab and not replace my store?

Anyone know if this is possible?

Cheers for any help

(Joy Salt) #2

I think that’s a good point but am pretty sure that at the moment what you have is what you get. I will copy @sianfolksy1 who I am sure will be able to give you an answer as to whether that might be possible in the future ?

(John Stead) #3

Great thanks. Its just a matter of adding target="_blank" to the social link holders.


(Jan Ryan) #4

I agree it would be so much easier if I clicked on a link and it auto opened in a new tab but until then I right click and ‘open link in new tab’


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(Tom Rule) #5

Hi, Here are my shops social links for