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Shop views!

(patsimcox) #1

Really disappointed as my shop only received 2 views last week !!! Any suggestions please ?? Thank you.

(Margaret Jackson) #2

I tried to have a look at your shop via your link but it says shop not found…

(PaulsJewels) #3

Shop also does not load for me.

(NataliaBraga) #4

I had the same problem…

(Sasha Garrett) #5

Yup me too - the link to your shop didn’t work so I then went and did a shop search from the home page and couldn’t find any called ‘patrice hand made crafts’ or ‘patsimcox’ via that method either. You might want to contact folksy support about it. Did you request a url name change or anything like that?

(patsimcox) #6

It looks like an old shop of mine is coming up for some reason and I don’t know why !! I’ll have to look into that, maybe it is causing me a problem !! My shop is Axents Jewellery & Gifts. Thank you for trying to have a look anyway x

(Margaret Jackson) #7

This is the link to your shop

As to why you’re not getting many views, well you’ve only got 8 items, and I you haven’t got much of a description of them. If I were looking to buy, I’d want to know the size of the pendant, the length of the cord/necklace. You’ve got to give potential buyers more details, or they’ll shop elsewhere where they can find the information they want.

How much promotion are you doing? You need to drive people to your shop or they’ll never find it, especially with so few items.

(PaulsJewels) #8

I found your shop with the link @Louisa15 put up. I have not been on etsy very long myself and have had no sales so feel totally free to ignore me lol

I looked at the black and white necklace, its very pretty. I think people would like to know length of it, also you could state it can be made in different length if required as custom order?
It stated there was a free bracelet with it but i dont think there was a picture of that.
I have been advised to use all the tags for my items to get more views.
I am not sure if you have things listed, its up to the shop owner if they go premium or not but the more items you have the better as if i see one thing i like with someone i view everything they are selling.
Listing for me takes FOREVER but i am hoping it will be worth it.
Good luck with your shop.

(Dawn Sneesby) #9

I agree with other posts, particularly measurements of necklaces, customers need to know the length of a necklace or bracelet, I certainly would. You have some lovely items in your shop so with a few adjustments you should begin to get more views. Also it would be an idea to give fuller descriptions of your goods.

(Camilla) #10

There’s a blog post that might be helpful, which is a simple checklist for what to do if your shop views are very low.

(patsimcox) #11

Thank you for your input x

(Amberlilly) #12

I get a lot of ghost views according to GA, very few proper views yet I have over 100 items listed. What ever to do?

(PaulsJewels) #13

@Amberlilly what is ghost viewing?

(Roz) #14

@patsimcox - have you tried logging out of the forums and back in again - that might be why your old shop is getting picked up.

(Sasha Garrett) #15

@PaulsJewels There are things called web crawlers - some are good like google bots which gather info for when people do searches, some are bad - they go looking for information on the internet like email address for spaming. There are also ghost referral sites like they just roam the internet not actually looking at pages so that they can claim to companies that they can increase views/ traffic to your site. In either case they don’t tend to land on specific item pages that you would see as views if you look in the shop stats on folksy however if you use google analytics (GA) you would see big spikes for pages that don’t exist in your shop (the classic one being ‘/’). It is possible to filter them out of GA results but they just tweek their web address to get round the filters eg the also exists as something like GA is useful to find out if people are looking at your shop front or collections but not looking at the specific item as folksy only tells you about views to specific items.
Hope that’s clear. (and its reminded me that I promised folksy admin I’d write them a blog post on GA)

(Sasha Garrett) #16

@Amberlilly How do you interact with people via social media? Do you just post/ tweet things like ‘I’ve just listed this in my shop’ or do you entice them in with pictures of works in progress, newly arrived materials, prototypes, thoughts on new product lines etc The first method can lead to people not responding to your posts any more (you become the FB etc equivalent of back ground noise). In a different forum thread you mentioned something about dog coats so why not try asking your FB/ twitter/IG followers what they think about the idea with pictures of your dogs in their jackets. It might not sell the items in your shop but it might renew interest in your work (and possibly get you commissions for dog jackets).

(Amberlilly) #17

Gosh @SashaGarrett you are clever! Definitely write that blog! I try to understand it, but I’m not that clever! But GA gives a really good idea how our shops are doing, unfortunately it’s not always what we want to see. Lol!

(Amberlilly) #18

When we write our title with keywords in, does Google show it also in its search??

(Sasha Garrett) #19

Oh yes GA can be very useful especially to find out if you are getting lots of hits to shop front or collection pages but people are not clicking through onto the item page (which to me suggests that people are interested in what you are making but something is putting them off (title/photo/price, who knows, this is a hypothetical but they would be the things I would look at)). GA can also be very useful to find out which social media platforms are helping direct traffic to your shop. Just need to find a way of keeping on top of filtering out the blasted bots and whether or not I can get it to tell me what search phrases people were using when google directed them to my shop. The blog post is on the to do list after adding tags, listing newly made items, making some commissioned cufflinks and weeding the allotment, its started justed need to do a bit of refining/ expanding, give me a week or so.

(Faye Huxham) #20

Yes me to shop is not there!!!